Ferne McCann reveals she has been trying a controversial parenting technique with baby Sunday

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  • Ferne McCann has revealed she used a controversial parenting technique in an effort to get her daughter Sunday into a sleeping routine.

    Mum-of-one Ferne McCann was back on our screens last night (6 February) as her ITVBe show, First Time Mum, returned for its third series.

    The show has proven a huge hit with her fans in the past but Ferne has revealed that she’s anticipating a lot more criticism to come from the new episodes.

    Speaking to OK! Online Ferne explained: ‘That’s going to be interesting this time around because obviously as a newborn, you’re not really showing your parenting techniques.’

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    One thing that sprung straight to mind for the mum-of-one, was her attempt at the controversial sleeping technique – controlled crying.

    Ferne said: ‘In this series, you will see in episode three, I actually get a sleep nanny for Sunday and we do this whole control crying thing which is really controversial, but obviously it was my decision to do that.

    ‘Putting your child in nursery is also not for everyone, but it will be interesting to see. People are going to share their opinions, but you just have to breathe.’

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    Controlled crying involves leaving your child for set periods of time, usually short bursts, before going in to comfort them.

    It’s designed to try and establish a regular sleep routine and break the cycle of a child relying purely on the comfort of its parents to get to sleep and become an independent sleeper.

    Why I chose to use ‘controlled crying’ with my daughter

    Addressing the people Ferne likes to refer to as the ‘mummy police’, she said sometimes she wishes people would chill out a little when they post underneath her pictures.

    She said: ‘I feel like there is such a mum police out there that love to say: “Your not supporting your baby’s head in that picture”…but it’s just like chill guys.

    ‘I’m very very laid back and I think when you become a parent it’s down to you and how you decide to raise your baby. But I am excited though!’

    What are your thoughts on Ferne’s show and her decision to try controlled crying? Did you or would you use it with your children? Head over to our Facebook page to join the debate.

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