Ferne McCann reveals she constantly wets herself because of incontinence struggle following birth

Ferne McCann has opened up about living with incontinence following the birth of her daughter.

In a new interview with OK! Magazine, Ferne revealed that having a prolapsed bladder following the birth of her daughter Sunday has ruined her confidence and scared to leave the house through fear of wetting herself.

The 29-year-old said: ‘It was a bit of a joke as first as I was weeing every time I sneeze during my pregnancy and then it just got progressively worse.

‘There was a lot of leaking and I was wetting myself all the time. It has shattered my confidence and made me scared to leave the house. Being worried you’ll wet yourself at any moment does that to you.’

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The former The Only Way Is Essex star admitted that she didn’t see doctors for months, but was relieved when she did as the issue can worsen and result in surgery if left untreated.

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‘I bit the bullet and went for a ‘Mummy MOT’,’ she said. ‘A female physiotherapist told me I have a stage one prolapsed bladder [when the bladder wall pushes into the vaginal space].

‘I was relieved to find out what it was, and that I could get help. If I’d left it untreated then it could have led to surgery, so I’m glad I got it seen to.’

The single mum-of-one said that incontinence has also put her love life on hold, but now she is ready to settle down with the right person.

‘I haven’t wanted to go out for dinner with a man and then be constantly asking to go to the toilet,’ she said. ‘I’ve avoided going on dates completely if I’m honest.

‘My whole perspective on sex has completely changed after having a baby. The longer you’re not with someone the more nerve-wracking it becomes.

‘Even the thought of getting naked in front of someone is a scary thought. I now need to be with someone who I can fully trust. I do want it all now – I’m ready to settle down.’