Fire-fighters issue warning to parents after rescuing child from hot car

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  • Fire-fighters have issued a warning to parents about leaving children in the car.

    Fire-fighters from Essex fire service Saffron Walden Fire Station, took to social media to warn parents about the dangers about leaving children in cars.

    The fire department took to social media to alert parents about the dangers of hot cars, after they responded to an incident where they had to rescue a child who had been locked alone in a car in this week’s warm weather conditions.

    Sharing an image of the car after they had broken the window open, the fire station wrote on their Facebook page: ‘Well a first for us! We have been called to animals locked in cars while the owners go shopping but never a child.

    ‘We cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to leave any person, child or animal locked in a car in this heat,’ the team stated.

    ‘The child was rescued by our crew who smashed a window to gain entry.

    ‘The incident has now been handed over to Essex Police for further investigation,’ they clarified. ‘First aid was given by St John Ambulance crew.’

    The post received dozens of shares and comments, with many thanking the fire service for their prompt and effective work and many marvelling at the behaviour of the parents.

    There were also a number of responses from local people who were actually present at the incident.

    fire fighter warning children cars

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    ‘It was a lovely day on the common then they announced over the mic this sad news,’ wrote one bystander. ‘Wtf was she thinking. You don’t leave a dog in the car, though a child.

    ‘They had to smash ur window,’ she continued. ‘You were gone for ages…when you did come back you seemed more worried about ur freaking car.’

    ‘We heard the announcement whilst listening to the music on the common,’ added another. ‘Absolutely unbelievable! I hope the parents are severely dealt with!!!’

    ‘I dread to think what would have happened to this baby if it hadn’t been noticed alone in the car,’ commented one Facebook user.

    ‘Just terrible,’ added another. ‘Thank goodness the child is okay. This Time …….!!!’

    Well done to the fire service for doing such a great job!