Frankie Bridge sparks parenting debate with ‘real’ photo of her sons

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  • Mum-of-two Frankie Bridge has sparked a debate among mums after sharing a photo of her boys whilst eating out in a restaurant.

    Taking to Instagram, Frankie Bridge shared the honest photo of her sitting between sons Parker and Carter, as they played on iPads.

    Frankie’s sons are now five and six respectively, who she has with husband Wayne Bridge, and she told fans about the ‘realities’ of being a mum of two.

    In her caption, she said, ‘The reality of dinner out with the kids… I’ll admit it… 🙋‍♀️I’m an iPad Mum… 🤷🏻‍♀️swore I never would be… 😂

    ‘but here we are… the boys are happy… 😍we’re happy… we’re all happy!!! ❤️ Cheers! 🥂 and Bon apetite👊🏼’

    Frankie’s honest post racked over 1,000 comments, with other mums having strong feelings about using iPads in a restaurant.

    One fan agreed with Frankie, praising the star for sharing a ‘real’ photo of parenting. They said, ‘Thank you for posting real life pictures that make the rest of us see we’re not failing or useless mothers 💗’

    Another added, ‘What even is a non iPad mum ?!?! They surely don’t exist 😝👀’

    And a third wrote, ‘If everyone is having a good time I don’t see what the issue with the ipad is!! Hope your food was good 🤤’

    But other followers criticised the decision, with some suggesting she should start with family games before relying on an iPad.

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    One wrote, ‘Gone are the days when Italian restaurants in particular would allow kids to draw on the tables. I think it’s okay whilst they are really young but when they are that bit older it’s good for them to be engaging with adults.’

    Another added, ‘We have never allowed ours to have a screen at the dinner table... screens at the table are rude and quite frankly lazy parenting. It’s bad table manners as far as I’m concerned.’

    And a third said, ‘There’s no need for children to use screens at a restaurant table, it’s weird it’s the new normal. Just chat with them, ask them questions. If they can’t sit there, don’t take them.’

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