How to access FREE online lessons to teach children the importance of Black history

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A mother-of-two has created a free online platform to teach children about the importance of Black history.

With the UK's third coronavirus lockdown (opens in new tab) in full swing, the nation's children are once again taking on homeschooling (opens in new tab).

With kids at home having virtual lessons and parents often having to play the role of teacher, a wide range of online teaching resources (opens in new tab) is seriously handy to have right now.

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London mother-of-two, Oriana Gowie, has launched a completely free interactive educational platform focusing on Black history learning content for young children aged 5-11.

The platform, called Tuntimo (opens in new tab), is a place for children of all races to learn about the importance of Black history and the achievements of Black historical figures.

The educational site offers over 200 quizzes, puzzles, games and resources to help little ones learn about a range of topics surrounding Black British and African history, including celebrities, athletes, authors, poets, inventors, scientists, astronauts, politicians, former kings and queens of tribes and countries and loads more.

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They can access lessons on famous Black people such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, Muhammad Ali, Fredrick Douglas and Michelle and Barack Obama to learn about and celebrate their achievements.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the important project, Oriana said, "I wanted to create something for my children and the children across the country, and across the world, to use and learn about themselves and their friends.

"With the increase of racial tensions and global pandemic meaning that parents will be homeschooling, I knew this would be the best time for parents to help educate their children on the importance of Black history, that often isn’t included in the UK curriculum.

"It’s important of Black children to understand the riches and heritage of their culture and that their history goes beyond what is taught at schools.”