Gaz Beadle’s toddler rushed to hospital during pregnant girlfriend’s gender reveal party

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  • Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle's and 26-year-old girlfriend Emma McVey's gender reveal party was cut short this weekend after their 18-month-old toddler was taken ill.

    Their son Chester, who was born in January 2018, was rushed to hospital and later diagnosed with an ear infection as well as a bladder infection and prescribed antibiotics.

    Opening up about the worrying experience, Emma took to her Instagram stories: ‘For all the absolute idiots trying to give me grief.

    ‘I took Chester to the doctors Monday, but did they listen? No. I’m just an over-cautious mum. He has a slight ear infection but doesn’t need antibiotics’.

    She continued: ‘Yesterday I knew he was’t right, he has an ear infection and bladder infection so finally letting us have antibiotics.

    ‘He was running around yesterday and everyone thought he was fine, I’m not stupid and I know my child.

    ‘He was distracted, and that’s why he seemed ‘fine’.

    ‘So no I didn’t make him stay at the party, I left my own party before everyone else to get him properly checked.’

    The couple, who announced they are expecting a second child together in June, revealed to their friends and family that they are having a baby girl.

    In a video of the event shared to Instagram, Gaz let off a confetti cannon confirming the couple are soon to have a baby girl.

    Alongside the post Emma wrote: ‘Don’t think we have EVER been so shocked…our little family is complete ❤️ @gazgshore’

    After announcing the happy news, Emma also shared a close up photo of their extremely surprised facial expressions claiming they were convinced they were having a baby boy.

    She said: ‘We’d of been happy either way, as long as we have a healthy baby but we were convinced we were having another boy, hence the SERIOUSLY shocked expressions.’

    Gaz also shared an image on his Instagram platform adding: ‘3 soon to be 4… What an amazing day… thank you so much for all the comments and messages.’

    Chester will soon have a little sister later this year.

    Congratulations to the happy couple on their exciting news!