Allow boys to wear skirts at school with gender neutral uniform policy, says MP

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  • Layla Moran is bringing forward legislation which would allow English students more autonomy with their uniform choices.

    A Liberal Democrat MP has stated that boys should be allowed to wear skirts to school as part of a gender neutral uniform policy.

    Layla Moran is currently bringing forward legislation which argues that English schools must either have one uniform for all, or different types of uniform which children are allowed to wear regardless of gender.

    This law has been proposed in a bid to prevent pupils being treated unfairly, and would mirror similar legislation proposed in Wales last year.

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    Speaking to the Huffington Post, the MP also revealed that she spent six months as a young student feeling confused about her sexuality, and insisted she has ‘no issue at all’ with children learning about transgender issues.

    The Liberal Democrat education spokesman said she was inspired to take up the cause after hearing from Jess Inall, 15-year-old member of the Lib Dems, who shared with the party’s conference in 2017 that she wanted to play football on breaks at school but was told she couldn’t switch her skirt for trousers.

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    Moran has emphasised that this piece of legislation is ‘absolutely not’ the state imposing what people should wear, but simply giving school students more choice:

    ‘We’re not trying to make everyone wear trousers, for example, it’s actually about giving people more choice not less choice.’

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    ‘Would the boys want to wear the skirts? Maybe they would, and what’s wrong with that? I see nothing wrong with that whatsoever.’

    The MP also considered how this legislation could help children within the transgender community, as they often feel ‘stigma’ when they immediately have to change uniform when going through the process of transitioning.

    ‘It’s quite an emotional thing for children who are considering transitioning, actually being forced at that point to come out – that’s the way one family put it out to me.’

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    Moran additionally addressed critics who believe children are being overly exposed to transgender issues in this day and age:

    ‘There was about six months at school when I thought I was gay. I wasn’t gay, but I thought maybe I was? I imagined what would that be like 50 years ago when that was against god, you were a criminal if you did it in law.’

    ‘So I have no issue at all with putting all the different options out there on the table. Let’s encourage kids to feel like they have ownership of those and what they mean.’

    Moran will present her school uniforms (gender neutrality) bill to the Commons on 6th March.

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