This genius jumper trick will help banish your children's back to school nerves

back to school
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A clever mum has shared a genius trick she used to stop her daughter feeling nervous on her first day back at school.

With little ones across the country returning to education after months spent in lockdown, emotions may be running high on the morning of the first day.

But one mother's genius trick is a great way to banish the nerves of children who are apprehensive about heading back to the classroom this month, following a long stint in the comfort of their own homes.

Taking to Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, the thoughtful parent shared her simple but effective hack, prompting others to copy her in order to reduce the risk of tears at the school gates at drop off time.

Posting a photo of two red crosses stitched into the cuff of her little girl's school sweater, she explained the smart thought process behind it.

back to school

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'Thought I would share a little tip,' she penned on the social media platform.

'Our youngest has always had a hard time saying goodbye at the preschool/school gates, she’s very clingy in general.

'With the restrictions going back to school on toys & her comfort scarf (mine doused in 1 of her favourite perfume bottles of mine) I had to think quick.

'I chose to sew on two little kisses that get fully charged with more before drop off, so that whenever she feels worried/sad that she is missing me she can look at/feel/kiss her sleeve & feel happy again.

'It may last only temporarily but for now it seems to be working, smiles all round on day 1!'


The post attracted thousands of likes and comments from other mums and dads, with many praising the poster for the brilliant idea.

Others made sure to share their own similar tips and tricks.

'I usually draw a love heart on my daughter's index finger and tell her if she needs a hug then place her thumb on her finger,' one wrote.

'(I also do this on my finger) - by the time she comes home the heart has gone with all the hugging.'

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