Georgia Jones shares picture of her baby boy’s ‘horrible’ eczema flare-up and asks mums for their input

She asked followers for their own experiences
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  • Georgia Jones is known for her honest look at having and raising children, and recently she shared an update opening up about baby eczema.

    Georgia Jones and her husband Danny have one son, Cooper, who was born in January 2018. She frequently documents her motherhood journey on social media, sharing the highs and lows with followers.

    But recently, she revealed that Cooper’s eczema had flared up again, alongside a photo of her son’s legs.

    In her caption, Georgia wrote, ‘Baby Eczema – Just when you think it’s calmed down it suddenly reappears as if by magic… a horrible dry, itchy, red, sore kinda magic…. (these are Coopers sore little legs btw!)

    She added, ‘I’ve tried SOOOOO many lotions and potions & definitely have some faves… Would it be helpful if I shared my Baby Eczema tips with you guys?? Has anyone noticed anything in particular that flares your child’s Eczema up?? Would be so interested to know?’

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    Georgia Jones received a lot of responses to her question, with many mums sharing their own experiences with baby eczema and what caused their own children to suffer from flare-ups.

    Twin bloggers Jordan and Loanne Collyer wrote, ‘Bless him❤️ Try cutting out dairy from his diet, strong links between dairy and eczema.’

    Another follower added, ‘My sons used to be flared by strawberries or getting too hot.’

    A third said, ‘For me, even as an adult, anything can trigger it. But cotton clothes, cool baths (nothing too hot on the skin), reducing sugar and dairy really help. As a child cutting out fruit juice really helped too.’

    And a fourth added, ‘The cold weather without fail every year makes my sons flare up all over.’

    There was a very diverse set of responses from fellow mums, with many of them agreeing they would like Georgia’s eczema tips to help with future flare-ups.

    Last year, one mum recommended this Childs Farm moisturiser which helped with her daughter’s eczema in just two days.

    Many were hailing it as a ‘miracle’ product due to the quick result.

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