Gordon Ramsay reveals VERY emotional reaction to watching his son Oscar being born

Gordon and Tana Ramsay
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Famously hard-nosed chef Gordon Ramsay says he’s become a ‘modern dad’ after the birth of his fifth child.

Last month, Gordon Ramsay revealed that he and his wife Tana had welcomed their fifth child, a son called Oscar. Now he’s opened up about how the birth affected him, telling the Daily Mail that he ‘cried his eyes out’.

The TV chef missed the births of his other four children: Megan, 20, twins Holly and Jack, 19, and Matilda, 17. ‘Tana never wanted me to see her in that state,’ he explained.

But after a heartbreaking miscarriage in June 2016, when the couple lost their son Rocky at five months, Tana changed her mind. ‘This – Oscar’s birth – was a big homecoming for us,’ Gordon revealed. ‘Now it’s easier to talk about Rocky, where it wasn’t beforehand.’

Oscar was born via caesarean at the Portland Hospital, just like the new royal baby. But while Tana took the birth in her stride, it was no walk in the park for Gordon, who held his wife’s hand during the delivery.

‘I cried my f****** eyes out,’ he confessed. ‘She has thrombophilia, so a caesarean is a big operation. Everyone thinks it’s easy but it’s not.’

Gordon Ramsay and family

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‘Ed Sheeran was playing and I just turned the volume up because I was like, “Holy mackerel, look what’s going on here,”’ he revealed. ‘They had to get the clamp on him because his shoulder got stuck. So it was scary.’

And what happened next? ‘I fell back into the chair and I fainted,’ the chef admitted. ‘They said, “Tana’s fine, I think it’s you we need to look after next.”

‘What an amazing performance by Tana. I realised that men are weak and we’ve got it easy. I panicked. It’s very rare that I panic. Scary.’

Proudly referring to himself as a ‘modern dad’, Gordon added that he is ‘way more hands-on than ever before’ this time around, and boasted that he can change a nappy ‘in like 52 seconds’.

Now that’s impressive.

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