Mum shares hilariously relatable ‘lockdown helpline plan’ for struggling parents

Too funny!
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  • For many parents across the UK, the coronavirus lockdown may have been quite a struggle.

    After almost three months spent indoors with schools closed and loads of usual fun activities off the cards in light of the global health crisis, lots of mums and dads are seemingly coming to the end of their tether.

    And one mum left those locked down with little ones laughing with a hilariously relatable social media joke.

    The ‘Parenting in Lockdown UK Helpline’ meme left mums and dads in stitches when it was shared online, with a list of guidelines on how to survive keeping tots entertained during quarantine.

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    “Unfortunately, your phone-call is in a long queue,” it says.

    “We receive a high volume of emergency calls, particularly during Home Schooling hours and meal-times, so please be patient and someone will be with you as soon as possible.”

    The cheeky infographic urges exhausted parents to “press two if you wish to talk to a grown-up and have an actual conversation”, “press seven if you need an emergency wine delivery” and “press eight if you are trapped under a pile of laundry”.

    The satirical upload also suggests seeking help if “your child has given up their daytime nap and you requite counselling” or if you “need a soothing voice to count to ten and tell you it’s all going to be OK”.

    I think we can all relate,’ one mum joked in the comment section, while another chipped in to add, ‘So glad it’s not just me!

    A third pointed out she has the same struggles whether she’s in lockdown or not, writing, ‘Totally. But not just on lockdown!

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