H&M kids’ top goes viral as Scottish mum points out hilarious blunder

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  • A reversible hoody from H&M’s kids’ range has become a social media sensation after writer Catriona Black shared her children’s discovery that they could change the slogan on the front to ‘Born to sh***e’ on Twitter.

    The green hoody features a bold ‘interactive’ sequin patch on the front. It is designed so that the message on the top can be changed from ‘Born to chill’ to ‘Born to skate’ by stroking the sequins backwards or forwards.

    However, Catriona’s children discovered that by manipulating just some of the letters, they could make the slogan read ‘Born to sh***e’.

    The mum, a copy editor from Edinburgh, posted a snap of her kids’ ingenious reworking of the slogan jumper on Twitter, commenting: ‘Don’t think H&M thought this through. My children did. You can take the child out of Scotland…’

    The tweet has been liked more than 44,000 times and retweeted almost 12,000 times. One Twitter user commented: ‘Please tell me they do that in adult sizes’; while another wrote: ‘Gives you faith in the next generation’.

    Another Twitter user said: ‘That’s pure genius … and technically the only version that’s biologically accurate.’

    The mum responded to the viral sensation her kids had unwittingly created by commenting: ‘You sit there on Twitter for a few years and get excited when one of your tweets gets 1k likes one time. Then you post something your children thought of and find out what viral really means. Damn it.’

    She also apologised to H&M, writing: ‘Sorry @hm, I usually get about 5 likes on my tweets! I think you might see a bump in Scottish sales. Just please don’t sell out of those hoodies before we get hold of a couple!’

    H&M have so far opted not to comment on the matter, but the offending item now appears to have been removed from the brand’s website.