Home Bargains shoppers reckon their Halloween ‘latex scar’ looks like something VERY different


Halloween is upon us, so shops across the UK are full of costumes, tasty treats, and decorations for the perfect party.

But shoppers noticed that their 99p Hallow-Scream Latex Scar looked like something very different, amusing plenty of social media users.

The latex scar was shared to Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, by one of the page admins.

Sharing the image, they wrote, ‘Latex Scar Wound 99p at Home Bargains 😆’


We can definitely see why they added a laughing emoji to their post, as one user said that it ‘looked more like a vagina’ than a latex Halloween scar.

The post received a lot of attention on social media, receiving 2.3K reactions, most of them being ‘haha’. Yes, we’re laughing too!

One user wrote, ‘Did anyone else see something else or is my mind just filthy lol’

However they’re definitely not alone, as a second comment read ‘Jesus a latex scar is the not the first thought that comes to mind when looking at this 🤦🏻♀️😂’

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Another thanked the admin for sharing the image, saying ‘Thanks to whoever posted this and the entertaining comments from it. I've had a great laugh. Cheers’

Some people criticised the designers for creating the product, as they ‘hadn’t thought it through’. One comment read ‘What were the people who made this thinking?!’

And another even claimed the design was ‘disgusting’ and that Home Bargains should consider removing it from the shelves. Their comment read, ‘Disgusting! Young kiddies just think its a deep wound but adults know what it looks like’

Though intended to be a scar to freak people out this Halloween season, many shoppers ‘can’t unsee’ the fact it resembles a vagina and will probably not be buying one for their children! Which is understandable…

Earlier this year, one woman treated herself to a new dress and soon realised that it resembled a vagina too. At least she saw the funny side, as did many of her followers!

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Lucy Buglass
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