This mum discovered her dress looked VERY rude after she bought it

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This proves it always pays to check in the mirror.

We’ve all experienced shopper’s remorse. When we’ve gone out and been open to spending a bit of money on a shopping trip so end up making a slightly dicey purchase, only to get home and realise it looks worse than a bin bag.

So back to the shops it is.

But this story takes the term wardrobe malfunction to another level. One unsuspecting mum got home from what she deemed a successful shopping trip and was so happy with her purchase she decided to try it on for her husband.

Nothing wrong with a little post-clothes haul fashion show right? Well while the unassuming mum was parading around in her brand new purchase, her husband couldn’t help but notice the slightly dodgy design.

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Yep. The very pink dress seemed to be adorned with what looks like, ahem… a woman’s vagina.

Rather than cowering in embarrassment, the mum in question rocked the look and posted a picture up on Instagram with the caption: ‘So I bought this dress today from Myer because I really liked it … I got home and put it on for hubby and any guess first thing he said?? #dressfail #onceyouseeyoucantunsee #everydaystyle #whatiamwearing #vaginadress’.

Instagram users went crazy finding the dress absolutely hilarious.

While some loved the dress commenting: ‘I love it…’, ‘Still looks gud 2 me babes x’, ‘Pretty in Pink, of course!’, ‘Yep first thing I noticed too! But pretty colours :)’ and ‘I want this dress in my life’, others were a bit shocked.

Some commented: ‘Oh no!’, ‘Wow, vagina dress!!’ and ‘It’s got a lot of pink bits’.

Of course there were those who didn’t even realise the unusual design: ‘Oh I didn’t even notice that hahaha’, ‘Ahaha I didn’t even notice at first’ and ‘Hahaha totally wouldn’t of noticed if I didn’t read the caption! You look stunning though’.

So a valuable lesson for everyone – check the mirror first. Or just go with it and rock the unconventional!

Aleesha Badkar
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