Home Bargains' slime advent calendar is selling for FIVE times the original price on eBay

A slime advent calendar is selling for almost five times its original price on eBay so could you make a few pennies from it?

Alternative advent calendars are becoming more and more popular as the years go by.

This year there's the extremely popular Aldi beauty advent calendar, which will get you lots of Jo Malone dupes for just £50; plenty of boozy ones, from gin to fizz, to give you a cheerful kick of festive spirit every day; and let's not forget the genius cheese advent calendar from Asda.

For little ones, we've seen everything from a Jelly Belly Advent Calendar to the Hatchimals advent calendar - based on the popular Christmas toy that's predicted to sell out.

And now there's yet another non-chocolate advent calendar that little ones will go nuts for - the slime advent calendar.

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The product, sold by Home Bargains and made by toy firm Creative Kids, was originally retailed at £7 but those who got hold of it are now trying to make a profit.

The calendar, which contains 18 pots of slime, two pots of sand and four pots of glitter, is now sold out and being sold on eBay for more than £40.

Sadly, buying the calendar on eBay seems to be the only way you can your hands on them, as Home Bargains told The Sun that they will not be restocking the calendars this year.

Amazon was also selling the product but it's currently sold out too.


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Another option for parents desperate to get their kids a slime advent calendar would be to make your own, but you'll need to be careful as some DIY slime recipes can be toxic.

According to a report last year, slime recipes often use borax, a chemical which can be toxic if not safely diluted, particularly if it gets into the eyes or lungs.

So if you decide to make your own, pick one that's made without borax and instead consists of ingredients such as glue, cornstarch, food colouring and water, which may be preferable for parents concerned about the potential hazards of the chemical.

Will you be buying a quirky advent calendar for your kids or sticking with chocolate? Or are you making your own? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts!

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