Hospital slammed for ‘shaming’ new mums for using phones whilst feeding babies

Mums were not happy about the poster...
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  • A hospital has been criticised by some on social media, for 'shaming' new mums with a controversial poster

    Some online users have claimed that the poster shames parents for using their phones while feeding their babies. The poster was placed in the Special Care Baby Unit of the unknown hospital.

    Taking to Twitter, Ash Cottrell shared a photograph of the poster in a tweet that read, ‘I’m on SCBU with my 5 day old. This poster makes me sad…’

    The poster in question featured cartoon images of a baby, and a phone with a red ‘no entry’ sign on top of it. It reads, ‘Mummy & Daddy…. Please look at ME when I am feeding, I am much more interesting than your phone!! Thankyou xxxxxx’

    Twitter users were quick to criticise the poster, with one suggesting it could leave mums feeling ‘vulnerable’ and at risk of post-natal depression. This type of depression occurs within a year of giving birth, and affects 1 in 10 women. Fathers and partners can also be affected.

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    Others commented explaining that often in the early stages, babies feed a lot, and it’s okay to spend of that time doing something other that stare at your baby.

    Their comment read, ‘This poster is awful and needs to be removed. This shames new mothers and leaves them vulnerable to developing post-natal depression.’

    Another added, ‘Newborns are fed CONSTANTLY, it’s okay to read a book/watch TV/look at your phone. In fact, it will probably preserve your sanity and prolong your relationship – and you will STILL have time to gaze lovingly at your baby.’


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    A third shared a similar experience they’d had, writing, ‘Oh no! Awful poster. I was in SCBU with a five day old and my phone was a lifeline. I was isolated and frightened (we’d been readmitted) and my phone meant I could stay in touch with people and read up on what had happened to us. Good luck to you!’

    And a fourth mocked the poster, writing, ‘Dear new parent in an impossibly scary and worrying situation – we, your baby’s caregivers, will use emotional manipulation while leaving kisses & pretending to be the voice of your child. We hope you continue to trust us to make good decisions for your little one.’

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