This incredible hack for turning your iPhone into a scanner will change your life

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A genius mum has revealed a secret trick that will turn your iPhone into a scanner.

From food hacks to epic money saving tricks, we have seen a lot of amazing hacks come our way, but this iPhone scanning hack is an absolute game-changer. 

Brandi Mumma has wowed hundreds of Facebooking users after sharing instructions on how to use an iPhone or iPad to scan documents. 

How to turn iPhone into a scanner

All you need is the ‘Notes’ app which is built into any iPhone and Ipad.

'Parents if you are planning to scan any work to your teachers or teachers if you are scanning work to your students you can use the "Notes" app.”

It’s the perfect hack for homeschooling if you need to email over documents to teachers and vice versa.

All you need to do is open ‘Notes’ then press the camera icon at the bottom. Then an 'option to scan the document' will pop up.

You can then attach it to an email with ease and even add additional notes to it.

You can use it to get physical photos onto your phone too, simply scan your printed snaps and they'll be safe in your camera roll too.

iPhone users were stunned at the hidden hack, one commented, 'Omg! It took me 43 years to learn this.'

While another said, 'Oh my goodness I was going to Officeworks to buy a scanner today! Thank you!

There's plenty more simple hacks for iPhone users to discover.

To delete the last number in your calculator app, you just need to swipe your finger across the last digit and it will delete.

You can also set a timer for your music. If you like to sleep with music playing you can set a timer so it stops playing once you are asleep. Simply go to the ‘Clock’ app and then to the Timer. Set a timer and then press on ‘When Timer Ends’ and go to the bottom of the options list to ‘Stop Playing.’

Life changing stuff!

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