Justin Bieber sparks controversy after fake pregnancy announcement

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  • Justin Bieber has sparked controversy after sharing a fake pregnancy announcement on social media as an April Fools’ joke.

    The singer shared a picture of a sonogram on his Instagram, with no caption.

    As many people questioned whether the announcement was a joke, he shared another picture – this time of his wife, Hailey Baldwin, seemingly getting checked by an obstetrician.

    He wrote: ‘If U thought it was April fools’.


    The 25-year-old ended the prank by posting another sonogram, which displayed a puppy in the womb instead of a baby.

    Many fans and celebrity pals wrote in the comments to say they almost believed it, like Kris Jenner who said: ‘Ugh I actually got chills…. I almost cried then I realized what day it is… 😩😂’.


    However, others branded the couple’s joke as ‘disgusting’ and ‘disrespectful’, as it could be seen as insensitive to people who can’t or are struggling to have a baby.

    One wrote: ‘Nothing funny about pregnancy jokes. Do you know how many people are struggling to get a child or can’t get pregnant this ain’t something to make a april fools joke of.’

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    Another said: ‘As a woman that can’t have children I find this disgusting and disrespectful. It just shows how immature you still are. Wouldn’t it be Karma if you couldn’t have children? I hope you at least have the decency to apologize for such a careless, disgusting act! If not shame on you and your mother for not teaching you right from wrong!’

    A third added: ‘Pregnancy is not a joke… there is a lot of women who have lost babies and others who can not have them and you think it’s a joke.’

    Another commented: ‘I’ve always loved you and your music, but after this I don’t. You just don’t joke about this. As someone who has lost a baby due to miscarriage, this just isn’t funny.’

    A fifth also wrote: ‘This is f****** disgraceful. I hope you and your family never actually go through miscarriage or infertility. You have no idea what it’s like.’