Outnumbered actress Ramona Marquez looks so grown up as she celebrates her 18th birthday

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  • Believe it or not, Ramona Marquez, who played cute little Karen Brockley in BBC favourite Outnumbered, is all grown up now – and she’s got the ink to prove it!

    The actress, who recently celebrated her 18th birthday, took to Instagram to show off her first tattoo, a stunning dragon design on her upper arm. And doesn’t she look grown up?

    The teenager got the tattoo to celebrate her milestone birthday, posting sneak previews from the tattoo parlour last week.

    And now that it’s fully healed, she’s shown it off to the world…

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    ‘What was your parents’ reaction to this?’ one Instagram follower asked her.

    ‘They were completely supportive and helped me choose a size, design and placement,’ Ramona revealed, adding that the whole process took ‘about four hours’.

    She also shared pictures from her birthday celebrations, posing at home before heading out on the town in a cropped black vest top and sequinned tiger print flares.

    ‘Omg how are you 18!’ one Instagram user exclaimed.

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    Little spam for my birthday 💞💞

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    The hit comedy Outnumbered, which encouraged it’s child actors to improvise rather than follow a script, ran for five series between 2007 and 2014, before returning for a Christmas special in 2016.

    Ramona played one of the three Brockley kids who ‘outnumbered’ their parents Sue and Pete, played by Claire Skinner and Hugh Dennis. Tyger Drew-Honey and Daniel Roche played her two brothers, Jake and Ben.

    Last summer, Claire and Hugh confirmed that they had become a real-life couple and had been dating for more than a year.

    And the Outnumbered ‘kids’ enjoyed a reunion of their own last Christmas, posting a picture to Instagram with the caption, ‘Ya fav trio’.

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    Ya fav trio

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    Even more excitingly for us, they’ve sparked speculation that we might see them all together on screen again soon.

    Last spring, Tyger told Pointless host Alexander Armstrong that Andy Hamilton, the show’s writer, director and producer, was keen to do ‘some sort of Outnumbered special’ every year or two.

    ‘We hope that everyone would still be interested in finding out how we’re all getting on,’ he added.

    We definitely would be!