Katie Price criticised for picture of daughter wearing a loose riding helmet

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  • Model and TV personality Katie Price has been slammed after she shared a photo of her daughter wearing a ‘loose’ helmet whilst riding a pony.

    The mother-of-five posted a photo of her four-year-old daughter Bunny, during a Sunday morning pony ride. However, fans were quick to criticise Katie as they noticed Bunny’s riding helmet was not fastened tightly enough.

    In addition to this, other users asked why she wasn’t wearing a body protector whilst sat on top of the pony. One comment read ‘She needs that helmet tightening and a body protector on, you really don’t help yourself do you?’

    Another agreed ‘You’re an amazing mum 👏but that helmet strap needs to be a lot tighter’

    Despite the backlash, some followers jumped to Katie’s defence and suggested this photo was taken before Katie had adjusted the strap. ‘Does no one who is commenting think Katie took the pic and then tightened the helmet?’



    A seasoned rider dismissed the body protector comment by writing ‘People see one person commenting something negative and jump on the bandwagon when they have no riding knowledge. I’ve ridden since 10 if not younger and never worn a body protector.’

    Katie is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to her family. The 41-year-old came under fire recently for posting a video of 11-year-old daughter wearing a Playboy t-shirt.

    Followers were quick to criticise Princess’ t-shirt, deeming it ‘inappropriate’ for a child of her age. One comment read ‘Am I then only one thinking ‘why does your young daughter have a playboy t-shirt on?’ 🤔 x’

    The video was posted on May 28th, and the one of Bunny was posted on June 9th, meaning Katie’s been attacked by followers twice in the space of a few days. Despite all the negative comments, Katie still gets an outpour of support from her 2 million Instagram followers on a regular basis.

    She uses Instagram for a variety of life updates such as fashion, events and of course, her children.