Katie Price sparks controversy after revealing unusual family pet

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  • Reality star Katie Price has left fans divided after she revealed that her oldest daughter Princess has a pet hedgehog.

    Sharing a video of the 11-year-old holding the latest addition to the family, the mum-of-five wrote: ‘Princess and her pet hedgehog Peggy.’

    The seemingly innocent video clocked up more than 200,000 views, with scores of her followers keen to offer up their opinion on the Price’s latest choice of pet.

    Some weren’t happy that the former Loose Women panellist was expanding her menagerie of animals, which is already said to include dogs, llamas, goats, pigs, sheep and horses, with one writing: ‘Fill the void with something else other than pets.’

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    Princess and her pet hedgehog Peggy 💕💕

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    Others were outraged by the idea of her keeping a ‘wild animal’ as a pet.

    One wrote: ‘That should not be a pet !!!!!’

    While another simply questioned: ‘Pet hedgehog?’

    Another fumed: ‘It’s not a fashion item you can brag about having to your friends it’s not a pet it should be in the wild.’

    And for some safety was the biggest concern, with many one pointing out the perils of her children handling the pet.

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    Bear and Sparkle ✨🐻 ❤️

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    One wrote: ‘Katie, I love Hedgehogs, so cute. I would have one if I could, but learned recently, Hedgehogs can carry salmonella, so be sure not to kiss them or let them around areas of food.’

    Guidance from Public Health England reveals that salmonella bacteria can be found in the guts of domestic and wild animals including ‘chicken, cattle, pigs, hedgehogs, snakes and lizards’.

    Some, however, couldn’t see what all the fuss was about and pointed out that this particular breed of hedgehog was domesticated.

    One wrote: ‘It’s an African Pygmy hedgehog… they’re bred for pets the same way dogs are domesticated???? It’s not a wild British hedgehog. If you provide the right nutrition and habitat they’re very happy pets.’

    While a second added: ‘Oh fgs always got loads of negative Nelly’s! Pygmy hedgehogs can be and are pets and are quite happy as pets!! My sister has one and it lives a life of luxury and is very happy.’

    This is not the first time the Katie has sparked controversy over a pet picture, with fans previously sharing their worries over salmonella contamination after her five-year-old son Jett was snapped kissing his pet turtle.

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