Katie Price slammed for posting ‘inappropriate’ photo of her daughters on Instagram

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  • Katie Price has been criticised for sharing a picture of Princess and Bunny modelling for her new kidswear range.

    Last month, Katie came under fire when internet trolls accused her of exploiting her children to sell diet products – and now she’s been hit by a new wave of online controversy.

    Katie took to Instagram on Mother’s Day to share the photo, which was taken during a photoshoot for her new children’s clothing range.

    Earlier this year, she announced that the range, which is aimed at kids aged four to 14, would be called Princess & Bunny, after 11-year-old Princess and four-year-old Bunny.

    The picture shows both girls playfully pouting at the camera. Katie captioned it simply, ‘My girls are just beautiful.’

    While Katie’s followers were quick to agree that her children were ‘lovely’, many thought that the picture was age-inappropriate.

    ‘They are but no need for the filter and pout they are a little young for that carry on,’ one user commented.

    ‘Agreed but should not know about pouting at their age,’ another added.

    ‘Lovely children… But please no pouting!!!’ another exclaimed.

    But other users leapt to the mum’s defence. ‘Pouting or pulling a kissy face/blowing a kiss is perfectly natural for little children to do when messing around for the camera or posing to look cute,’ argued one.

    ‘They’re beautiful..’ another added. ‘I don’t care what anyone says about you – you are a great mum.’

    Some thought Katie must have encouraged her daughters to pose provocatively.

    ‘It’s obvious they have been told to pout!!!’ said one commentator. ‘And I personally don’t think it’s necessary… They are modelling clothes!!!!!’

    ‘I have two girls 10 and 8 never seen them pouting,’ another shared. ‘Smiling yes!’

    But others thought they were overreacting. ‘The fact you’ve never seen your children do something isn’t an argument for it being wrong for anybody else’s to do it,’ another user responded. ‘It’s harmless and not at all inappropriate.’

    ‘I have a photo of me at about 4 years old pouting like this! That’s 20 years ago before it became “a thing”,’ said another. ‘There’s nothing wrong with it!’

    ‘OMG all kids pout even boys do it now,’ another added.

    The picture has been liked more than 34,000 times.

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