Katie Price slammed by fans after sharing controversial video of 13-year-old daughter Princess

Katie Price

Katie Price left fans divided when she shared a snippet of her 13-year-old daughter Princess doing something that left some rather angry.

The former glamour model took to social media to post a video of her pretty blonde daughter applying a full face of make-up in the bathroom.

With her hair tied back in braids, Princess, whose father is Myterious Girl hit maker Peter Andre, slathered on foundation, concealer, blusher, highlighter, lip liner, lipstick and eyebrow pencil.

Proudly posting the footage for the eyes of her two million Instagram followers, Katie penned the caption, ‘My beauty ❤️.’

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But the comment section quickly filled up with those giving their opinion, with lots saying that Katie’s eldest daughter is far too young to be getting dolled up.

Insisting that Princess’ fresh face is gorgeous enough, one commenter declared, ‘Children don’t need make up sorry. She’s a natural beauty already.’

Meanwhile, a second meanly hit out at reality star Katie, hinting that her little girl shouldn’t follow in her footsteps, ‘She does not need all that make up at her age. She isn't you Katie.’

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A third ensured that their opinion wasn’t personal, adding, ‘It's nothing against the child but she doesn't need all that slap on her face. She's 13 with beautiful skin.’

However, lots of others made sure to stick up for Katie’s decision to publicise Princess’ interest in enhancing her looks with make-up.

Didn’t you put makeup on as a young girl🤔 I know I did 👌its all part of growing up and experimenting. Don’t be so judgey she’s doing no harm.👑,’ wrote one.

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A second admitted they feel as though learning how to apply products properly is the best for young people, ‘My mum showed me to apply makeup properly at 13 years old nothing wrong with that ?? Better to be shown the right way good for u.

Bless her ..she’s just being a girly girl who didn’t want to play with make up at her age I very much doubt Katie let walk out the house with that all on 😌,’ reassured one more.

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