Feed Your Family For £20 a Week: Money-saving mum Lorna Cooper launches new cookbook

Lorna Cooper
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Need help cutting down your weekly shop? Lorna Cooper, who created the hit website and Facebook page ‘Feed Your Family For £20 a Week’, is publishing her first cookbook.

Lorna Cooper is the founder of fyf20quid.co.uk, and her Facebook page currently has more than half a million users.

Speaking about her book deal, Lorna said: ‘I am so excited to be publishing my first cookbook. I set up my Facebook page five years ago, mainly because I saw so many young families struggling in the current economic climate and wanted to help them to serve up home-cooked food on a limited budget, maximising ingredients, using up leftovers for packed lunches and minimising waste.’

Here’s everything you need to know about Lorna, her website, and the upcoming cookbook for frugal families.

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Who is Lorna Cooper?

As a mother of three and stepmother of two, Lorna knows what it’s like to feed a big family.

After a medical emergency, and discovering she didn’t qualify for sick pay, Lorna had to find a way to feed a family on just £20 a week. It may seem impossible, but Lorna’s website shows it can be done.

What is fyf20quid.co.uk?

As well as creating the website Feed Your Family For £20 a Week, Lorna Cooper also has an impressive following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each platform is full of quick, easy and more importantly, budget recipes aimed at families that want to spend less on their food shop.

Lorna shares her top tips for bulk buying, meal planning, using substitutes and making sure you get the most out of your leftovers on her website. She even shares her best Friday night ‘fakeaways’, so you can enjoy indulgent food for less.

You'll find a wide range of recipes on the website, with all the tasty finished dishes shared to her Instagram account.

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Feed Your Family For £20 a Week cookbook

Lorna’s book Feed Your Family For £20 a Week is published on 9 January 2020, but it’s already available to pre-order now. Those interested can head to Amazon and buy paperback priced £14.95 or Kindle version of the book, £10.99.

According to Amazon, readers can expect ‘100 deliciously simple, wallet-friendly meals the whole family will love.’

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What kind of recipes should we expect?

Everything on Lorna’s site and in her new book is home-cooked and balanced too. Speaking about her cooking, she said: ‘It really pains me when I hear people say it’s cheaper to eat junk food than healthy food.

As a young mum I struggled when it came to providing a healthy balanced diet on a budget, but I never gave up. Now there is very little waste in my house because I use every single ingredient.’

Will you be trying Lorna Cooper’s new cookbook when it comes out? Let us know your thoughts!

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