Parents are sharing hilarious pictures of life before and after kids

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  • Instagram account Got Toddlered has gone viral thanks to its all-too-relatable images of parents before and after having kids.

    The hilarious account, which shares side-by-side comparisons of life before and after parenthood sent in by fans, has more than 63,000 followers.

    Its snapshots of life as a parent have been a huge hit with mums and dads on social media, neatly illustrating just how much becoming a parent can change your life.

    If nothing else, it’s reassuring to know we’re all in the same boat, right? And have a chuckle at someone else losing their dignity at the same time, of course.

    The Instagram account is run by Dad and Buried, a dad blogger who reassures his followers, ‘Don’t worry, I don’t hate my kids. I just hate parenting.’

    He also records a podcast that covers topics like ‘The Horror of Taking Kids to Restaurants’ and ‘The Worst Advice for Dads’.

    ‘Being a parent is tough, time-consuming, stressful, thankless, expensive, exhausting, largely unrewarding, really loud, often quite boring, emotionally draining work,’ he says.

    But at least we can all see the funny side. And as he puts it, ‘who doesn’t hate silence and money and free time and cleanliness and sleep?’

    Still living her best life…

    Just make sure you don’t get those bottles mixed up.

    These guys still love a bit of marine life.

    From bright eyed and blow-dried to bitten and tweaked.

    At least the smile hasn’t changed!

    ‘Save us.’

    Who needs pearls when you’ve got stickers?

    Her shoulder’s all his to lean on now.

    Lucky she’d been practicing her ‘don’t mess’ look.

    Swapping chi-chi nights out for ‘chilled’ nights in…

    Sometimes parenting can feel like a kick in the teeth ­– or the cheek.

    Toddler wrestling is as much an artform as it is a sport.

    How the tables have turned.

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    This about sums it up.

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    The face says it all.

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    In parenting, no one can hear you scream.

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    Overcome by the joys of motherhood.