Lydia Bright announces she’s pregnant with first child after splitting from boyfriend Lee Cronin

Lydia Bright
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Former TOWIE star Lydia Bright has confirmed she is pregnant with her first child, but has split from her boyfriend Lee Cronin.

The former TOWIE star took to Instagram last night to announce the exciting news.

She revealed that she is set to welcome her little one in February 2020.

Sharing the news with her one million followers, she said: ‘Surprise! Yes, I’m having a baby 👶🏼 ... I’m so excited.’

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Plenty of Lydia’s showbiz friends made sure to congratulate her in the comment section, with fellow TOWIE girl Gemma Collins writing: ‘Congratulations Lydia 💗,’ while Billie Faiers chipped in: ‘Aww congratulations darling ❤️❤️❤️ what wonderful news ❤️❤️❤️.’

Lydia Bright

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Opening up about being an expectant mum, 28-year-old Lydia revealed that she feels ready for a baby after years of living a fun, party lifestyle.

She told Hello! magazine: ‘It's been so hard keeping this a secret.

‘I've done so much travelling, I've done all my partying holidays, I'm where I want to be in terms of my life, financially and career-wise.

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‘It just feels like the right time for it all to happen for me.’

Lydia also confirmed that sadly she has split from long-term boyfriend Lee - and while she doesn’t feel that the pregnancy and break up coinciding is ‘ideal’, she seems to be remaining positive.

Lydia Bright

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She explained: ‘It's not the ideal situation. I waited quite a long time to try for a baby, waited until I thought it was perfect.

‘I've always wanted the fairytale. And it's obviously not worked out exactly how I wanted.

‘I know this baby will be the best thing that has ever happened to me.’

Congratulations to the expectant mum!

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