Is that you Marvin Humes? The JLS singer dressed up as iconic cartoon character to surprise daughter Valentina on her 3rd birthday

Marvin Humes turned into Spider Man for the morning when he surprised daughter Valentina on her third birthday.
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  • The JLS singer did a great job of hiding himself when wife Rochelle announced to their girls Alaia-Mai, six, and Valentina, three, that someone was at the door for her youngest.

    Rochelle, 30, said, ‘Someone’s at the door for you, who is is?’

    Both girls, still dressed in their pyjamas raced to the door and Valentina knew who it was straight away. She replied, ‘Spider Man’.

    With his real identity concealed under a red and blue webbed costume, Marvin, 34, became invisible as daddy as his children yelled ‘SpiderMan’.

    Checking whether her kids had cottoned on to it being their dad underneath, Rochelle asked, ‘Who? How do you know? Who is it?’ They were convinced it was actual Spider Man.

    Rochelle replied, ‘Oh my gosh! who is it? WOW!’ Valentina can be heard thanking Spider Man for her presents, after being prompted by her mum, she said, ‘Thank you, bye.’

    Rochelle then asked, ‘Where’s SpiderMan?’ and it saw Valentina rush towards the front door window to look out on her tip-toes to see the cartoon character leave.

    Big sister Alaia-Mai replied, ‘He went in the woods.’

    Rochelle then revealed on her Instastory, ‘Yes that was my husband…’

    How else did Marvin Humes celebrate?

    And it wasn’t long before Marvin was back out of Spidie’s costume and into his normal clothes as daddy for a day out at the soft play centre. He can be seen shooting down the slide with birthday girl Valentina.

    And like any other three-year-old, the magic of repeating fun things was clearly visible, with Vallie shouting, ‘Again, again’ as they reached the bottom of the slide in giggles. And yes they did it three-times – at least!