'I'm ugly crying at this song' Michael Bublé’s new music video Forever Now is making parents very emotional

Michael Buble
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If you’re a parent, you’ll be very familiar with how emotional it is to see your child grow up. It seems to happen so quickly too.

In Michael Bublé’s new video for Forever Now, he explores just how emotional this process can be with a time lapse of a child’s bedroom changing over the years.

The scene changes from a crib, to a lived-in bedroom scattered with toys and various other furniture as the child grows older. Later on in the time lapse, a computer and TV appears, showing the break away from toys into more ‘grown up’ things.


The final shot is perhaps the most emotional, as it shows the bedroom empty, with all the contents packed into cardboard boxes. It’s the moment all parents dread… their child moving away to University or getting their own place.

Whilst we all want what’s best for our children, saying goodbye whilst they go off and begin their future is enough to make any parent cry!

And people have been doing just that, taking to social media to share their thoughts on the emotional music video.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘this one just hit me in the feels’.

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Another fan confessed it makes her cry ‘each and every time’.

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Even US News Anchor Erin Hawley shared the video with fans, saying: ‘I challenge you to watch the new Forever Now video and not cry’.

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Even non-parents find it emotional, with one saying the video made her ‘sob’ despite not having kids.

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Another said: 'Today a year ago I went into labor. Today I’m ugly crying at this song'.

Michael Bublé is a father of three, and eldest son Noah recently fought a battle with cancer, which makes this song even more poignant.

In fact, Michael and wife Luisana opened up about what that diagnosis was like for them (opens in new tab), saying that it was the 'worst possible thing you could hear as a parent and as, maybe, a human being’.

In the song, Michael Bublé sings ‘I'm forever proud of you, I'll love you forever now’, which we’re sure will tug at the heartstrings of every parent out there.

Were you able to get through the full song and video without crying? We definitely failed that challenge…

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