Michelle Heaton posts warning after her vanity mirror nearly sparks a fire

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  • Michelle Heaton has posted a picture on her Instagram to warn people about the dangers of potential house fires being caused by a mirror and says she is thankful she was able to stop it before anything more serious happened.

    Mum-of-two Michelle likes to keep her social media posts quite fun and lighthearted and she often posts sweet pictures of her family.

    However, in one of her most recent posts the former Liberty X singer felt it was important to raise awareness and warn her 188,000 followers about the dangers of leaving your mirror on a windowsill.

    Alongside a very dramatic picture of her window frame, which was black and burned after catching fire, Michelle wrote: ‘Oh god let this be a lesson to us all!

    ‘I just got home and could smell burning from upstairs .. my vanity mirror I use everyday and leave everyday on my dresser must have been in direct sun light and it’s burnt and melted my window frame with the reflection of the sun .. so so lucky I came home when I did .. god knows what could have happened !’.

    Michelle’s fans have flooded the post with kind messages and reiterated how lucky she is that it didn’t go any further.

    One person wrote: ‘Omg 😮 you never think about these kind of things do you. Good job you came home when you did! Hope you are good hunny 👍🏻😘’.

    Another said: ‘Heard this happen before. You wouldn’t think the sun could do that- so scary! Thank god you got home when you did and it wasn’t any worse!’

    A third added: ‘Omg…..that’s madness ..glad you’re safe x’.

    The post has received over 2,000 likes and as well as Michelle’s fans thanking her for raising awareness, others have been sharing their own stories.

    One person revealed: ‘this too has happened to me i left it out in my kitchen it melted my Bose 10 music system thanks for sharing this this is dangerous glad ur ok too xox’.

    Another explained their close call: ‘This happened to me and I burnt my make up bag! Thank god I was there otherwise it would have defo caused a fire! Xxx’.

    Take Michelle’s close-call as a reminder to be extra careful about where you leave mirrors and remember to regularly check your smoke alarms so that in an emergency you know they’ll be working.

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