These are the top ten mood-boosting activities to do from the comfort of your home

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With the world currently dealing with the coronavirus crisis, it looks like staying safely inside our homes is something we’ll be doing a lot more of.

People up and down the country and across the globe are now following official health advice to comply with social distancing and quarantining rules.

While keeping away from public places as much as we can is what’s best for our health and that of others around us, the thought of being confined to indoor spaces can be a daunting one.

But keeping busy is key to banishing self-isolation boredom. Of course the idea of binging on TV and Netflix box sets may seem appealing, but there are plenty of other activities to keep us occupied and in good spirits too.

Research conducted by has found the top ten happiness inducing hobbies that can be done without leaving the house – as long as you have the required equipment.

Baking has made the list along with crafty hobbies like knitting and cross stitch. There's also some you may not have considered though, like upcyling drab, old furniture or getting creative with your smart phone camera.

Find the full list below for some indoor inspiration...

What are the most happiness-inducing ways to keep busy at home?

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Hitting the kitchen and whipping up a delicious treat is a seriously wholesome activity at the best of times.

While you may not have ingredients in stock to make an impressively elaborate bake, using the  basics from your cupboards and fridge to create something delicious will kill some time, calm your mind and most likely cheer up those around you.


If knitting is something you love but never get time for, now is the chance to complete the woolly project you’ve been putting off.

It’ll focus your thoughts and at the end you’ll have something to be proud of.

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No fancy camera equipment needed here. Use your smart phone or old digital camera to get creative and capture some snaps around the house and garden. Why not catch the sunset or sunrise, take some gorgeous photos and enjoy the view?


If you’re feeling an urge to embrace your artistic side, painting can be a really therapeutic option. Any paint will do, so rummage through the cupboards and put the kids’ old watercolours to use or maybe dig out some paint samples from the last time you decorated. Sketch out a design and use the paint to colour or simply let your creativity run free with some abstract strokes.

Playing a musical instrument

If you’ve got access to an instrument that you’ve never got round to learning how to play, dust it off and head to the internet. There’s so many videos and apps online that’ll teach you a musical skill through a screen. If there’s no instruments nearby, warm up your vocal chords and have a sing to your favourite tunes.

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It’s good news for those with green fingers. Heading out into the garden is still very much allowed. If keeping your green space spick and span isn’t usually on the top of your priority list, now’s a great time to get out there, inhale some fresh air, pull some weeds and clear some winter leaves.


If there was ever a perfect chance to delve into the world of reading, it’s right now. Any book lover will be familiar with the feeling that’s it’s impossible to get through every book on their to-read list. Take this opportunity to make a dent in the material on the bookshelf or download the titles you’ve been dying to start onto your Kindle.

Cross Stich

Anyone with access to a needle, some thread, a hoop and a piece of fabric can give this one a go. Distract your mind from stress and concentrate on the delicate art of sewing pretty patterns.


If you’ve been thinking about ditching some old, slightly grotty furniture, take this opportunity to have a go at sprucing it up instead.

With a sand down, a lick of paint and some creativity, you could turn something destined for the dump into something living space worthy.


This is one for those handy with a sewing machine and some fabric. Whip yourself up some new pieces to add to your wardrobe and take them for a spin when socialising is back on the radar!