These baby names are predicted to be the trendiest of this year

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Naming your newborn baby is one hell of a task.

How do you make such an important decision for a tiny human who’ll have to live with their name for their entire life?

If straying from the norms and picking a rather unusual title for your tot isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll be pleased to know that a list of 2020’s most fashionable baby names have been released.

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Whether you’re hoping it’ll help you gauge which names are acceptably standard these days, provide you with some baby name info or let you stray as far away as possible and opt for something more unique, parenting site Bounty have provided the top ten baby names they reckon will trend this year.

You may be surprised to find that these lists actually contain some rather classic names. Ones that we can envision our grandparents being called, but that also suit little girls and boys. Diverse and versatile!

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Making the number one spot for the girls’ names is Ada, while Bonnie and Hallie follow.

The top ten trendiest girls' names of 2020

  • Ada
  • Bonnie
  • Hallie
  • Delilah
  • Navaeh
  • Mollie
  • Penelope
  • Aurora
  • Willow
  • Rosie

It is thought that Ada’s popularity may have risen thanks to the nation’s love for Birmingham based drama, Peaky Blinders.

Meanwhile, Penelope is the name of global icon Kourtney Kardashian’s seven-year-old daughter. Influencing at its finest.

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Theodore takes the top spot for the boys’ names, while Louis follows behind.

The top ten trendiest boys' names of 2020

  • Theodore
  • Louis
  • Frankie
  • Oakley
  • Louie
  • Elijah
  • Roman
  • Albie
  • Grayson
  • Ezra

Made In Chelsea posh boy Spencer Matthews and his stunning supermodel wife Vogue Williams are proud parents to their one-year-old son, Theodore, proving the name is not only back in style but also a rather classy one.

There’ll be no prizes for guessing why Louis and Louie have made the list. Ever since the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third tot Prince Louis in 2018, people have clearly affirmed the moniker as a regal one.

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