The most popular pet names of the year have been revealed

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  • Fido, Rex and Fluffy too boring for you?

    2019 is a time for new beginnings, and for those of you who maybe thinking of welcoming a new furry member into your family, then you might want to consider this list of the most popular pet names for cats, dogs, bunnies, birds and reptiles.

    Pets at Home has released a list of the most popular pet names in the UK, captured from a customer survey, and some of these entries may surprise you.

    While Luna and Bella top the list for our favourite feline friend names chosen in 2018, Poppy and also Bella have charmed their way to the top of the list for pooches.

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    The list of the top ten favourite names according to gender are listed below:

    Pet names for male cats:

    1. Charlie
    2. Milo
    3. Oscar
    4. Alfie
    5. Simba
    6. Gizmo
    7. Tigger
    8. Leo
    9. Jasper
    10. George

    Pet names for female cats:

    1. Luna
    2. Bella
    3. Poppy
    4. Lola
    5. Molly
    6. Daisy
    7. Millie
    8. Tilly
    9. Willow
    10. Smudge
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    Pet names for male dogs:

    1. Alfie
    2. Charlie
    3. Bailey
    4. Max
    5. Buddy
    6. Teddy
    7. Milo
    8. Oscar
    9. Archie
    10. Toby

    Pet names for female dogs:

    1. Bella
    2. Poppy
    3. Lola
    4. Daisy
    5. Molly
    6. Ruby
    7. Luna
    8. Millie
    9. Rosie
    10. Coco
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    Pet names for birds:

    1. Charlie
    2. Kirsty
    3. Ollie
    4. Bernard
    5. Basil

    Pet names for rabbits:

    1. Flopsy
    2. Thumper
    3. Luna
    4. Cookie
    5. Rosie
    6. Peter
    7. Fluffy
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    Pet names for reptiles:

    1. Spike
    2. Luna
    3. Echo
    4. Athena
    5. Sam

    It’s clear from the list that human names are big for both adults and pets alike.

    Unlike the precious herd at Crufts, which has recently featured names such as Braccorians Goddess of Love, Heaven’s Mercy in Love With Dorea, Lochtaymore Bridget Jones of Tillycorthie and Toseland Vanilla Ice, it is clear that most of the nation’s pet owners are aiming for a more simple moniker in life.

    Britain is a nation of animal lovers. There are roughly 8.5 million dogs and 8 million cats homed in the UK,and 20 million pets live across the UK in total.