The best Mrs Hinch cleaning hack has been revealed

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Online cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch has taken social media by storm over the past year.

The housework pro has amassed over three million followers with her innovative tips and tricks on keeping the home sparkling and squeaky clean.

And with the nation in lockdown, we have more time than ever to pull on our rubber gloves and do a thorough spring clean.

In fact, a recent poll by YouGov found that 49% more of us are cleaning and tidying our way through the pandemic.

So it’s also no surprise that Google searches for Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning accessory, the Minky cloth, have soared by 160% in the past seven days.

Now loyal fans of the Instagram star, whose real name Sophie Hinchliffe, have voted on what they reckon her most ingenious cleaning hack is.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning London (opens in new tab) put together a list of ten of the best Mrs Hinch-approved products and hacks and asked 1,473 Hinch-lovers to vote on their favourites.

When it comes to Mrs Hinch's clever cleaning methods, the clear winner is dusting your mattress with bicarbonate soda to leave you with a clean and fresh place to sleep, with 26.32% of the vote.

Meanwhile the second most popular is soaking a sheet of kitchen towel in Mrs Hinch’s beloved Zoflora disinfectant, to keep it smelling like you’ve doused your rubbish in perfume.

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The third is cleaning your hobs with tough-on-grime paste The Pink Stuff and using mayonnaise to polish stubborn stains came in at fourth place.

The hack with the least votes is cleaning your toothbrush pot with bicarbonate soda and mouthwash, with just 2.63% of the vote.

As for the must-have Mrs Hinch cleaning products, Zoflora is by far the best according to those surveyed, with a third voting it the winner.

Of course, The Pink Stuff, Ace for Whites, Bicarbonate of Sofa and Minky Cloths made it into the top five too!

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