Mrs Hinch cleaning tips and her favourite cleaning products to try at home

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  • The best Mrs Hinch cleaning tips all in one place, plus the best cleaning products for your home according to the the cleaning queen herself!

    The best thing about Mrs Hinch cleaning tips is that they are so easy and the cleaning products are so affordable. Plus, her tips really do work.

    Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe, became an online cleaning sensation after sharing her amazing cleaning hacks on Instagram.

    The mum-of-one, who is currently expecting her second child with husband Jamie, joined Instagram back in 2018 as just a “normal girl who loves to clean her house”. But her handy hacks that actually work and low cost solutions to common household issues struck a chord with millions and the 31-year-old is now a social media star and author of bestselling books.

    For a touch of Mrs Hinch cleaning magic in your home, we’ve rounded up the best Mrs Hinch cleaning tips and tricks below. Get set for a sparkling home after following these!

    Best Mrs Hinch cleaning tips

    Our favourite Mrs Hinch cleaning tips, from how to keep your curtains looking their best to a great trick for keeping a mattress stain-free.

    1. Use her tried and tested routine for cleaning your shower

    Sophie keeps her bath and shower clean using just a few key products. She starts by spraying her shower and shower head with Viakal Limescale Remover Spray (£2.50). This removes limescale and water marks. Mrs Hinch recommends: “Leave the Viakal to do its thing for up to five minutes!”

    Then, she uses Flash bathroom spray (£1) to wipe down the bath itself, using her trusty Minky (or Minkeh) sponge of course.

    Next, wash off the Viakal using the shower itself. After that finish off the job by using the Astonish Mould and Mildew buster (£1), to remove any lurking nasties. That’s less than £5-worth of products and just 4 steps to a sparkling clean bathroom.

    2. Wipe down your radiators

    We often forget to clean our radiators and get rid of the dust and grime that accumulates on them.

    Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips for radiators involve two products – Zoflora (£2.99) and a dust cloth. She advises using a diluted Zoflora mix, spraying it on a cloth, and simply wiping down the radiators. Zoflora recommends diluting their product in water at a ratio of 1 in 40.

    Not only will this method leave radiators clean, but they will also smell lovely too!

    3. How to get your stainless steel fixtures to sparkle

    Whether it’s in your bathroom or kitchen – we all want our stainless steel fixtures to sparkle without smudges.

    To clean stainless steel fixtures like a shower rail, Mrs Hinch uses a Scrub Buddy Cleaning Pad (£7.99) with Cif Perfect Finish Stainless Steel Spray (£4). To really make stainless steel fixtures shine, Mrs Hinch uses her fondly named Kermit cloth – a.k.a a green Minky Microfibre Cloth for Glass & Windows (£4.45) – to finish.

    Mrs Hinch cleaning tips product from Minky cloth

    The Minky cloth for glass and windows. Fondly named ‘Kermit’ by Sophie. (Credit: Amazon)

    4. Make space in your kitchen cupboard with a clever trick

    Less of a Mrs Hinch cleaning tip and more of a handy storage trick from the cleaning queen, Sophie has a clever way for storing pots and pans to make the most of cupboard space. Simply place your pan lids upside down on top of your pans. This means you’ll be able to stack them up on top of each other instead of the pans sliding around because of the handles. Genius!

    5. How to expertly store bed linen sets

    There’s nothing worse than wasting half and hour hunting in the linen closet for a matching bed set. Thankfully, Mrs Hinch has come to the rescue.

    She shared a tip on her Instagram Stories, explaining how she groups all her linen sets together in the matching pillow case. She wrote, “Where do I keep my fresh bedding? I store the whole fresh bed set into the matching pillow case!”

    But that’s not the only linen hack Mrs Hinch has up her sleeve.

    She also revealed that – once she has finished ironing her duvet cover, pillow cases and fitted sheets – she then places Lenor tumble dryer sheets (£3) in with her clean bedding, to keep it fresh when it’s time to change them.

    6. Make curtains look their best with this toilet roll trick

    We know what you’re thinking – how can toilet roll make my curtains look great? But bear with us! According to Mrs Hinch, empty toilet rolls can be brilliant for ensuring the pleats in your curtains are neat, uniform and properly spaced out.

    All you need to do is start with at least ten empty toilet rolls. Then, cut them open down the length of the roll, so they’re easy to pop on and off your curtain rail.

    Then, simply place a roll between each curtain ring, to ensure the pleat falls nicely and neatly. Mrs Hinch says you can also cut the toilet rolls to size, depending on how big or small you want the gaps between pleats to be. It’s also recommended to tape the toilet rolls back up after hanging them, so that they don’t fall down when you draw the curtains at night, or open them in the morning.

    As you can see from the tried and tested technique below, this handy hack really works!

    7. Wipe down indoor plants

    Another of Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips is a hack for dusty plants. This tip is all about making sure that your indoor plants stay smelling fresh and free of dust all year round.

    Sophie’s solution is to simply use a tumble dryer sheet to wipe away any dust or grime that’s built up on the plant. You can do this on both real and fake plants. It will keep them smelling fresh as a daisy and avoid a build-up of dust and dirt that could then transfer onto your carpet or furniture.

    8. How to get rid of stains on your mattress

    If you’ve got children who are a little accident prone in bed, or you’ve noticed some unfortunate dirt marks on your mattress that have accumulated over the years, you’ll want to try this Mrs Hinch cleaning tip.

    Sophie suggested on This Morning that you use bicarbonate powder on the stained areas of your mattress, sprinkling it on and rubbing it in with a rubber glove. Of course, remove all bedding first.

    Leave the bicarb on your mattress for 60 minutes. Then, once the powder has settled into the mattress for an hour, simple hoover it off and voilà! You should be left with a sparkling clean mattress with no stain.

    9. Give your sink a quick clean daily

    Cleaning the sink as is frequent household chore but like with many things in life, if you do a little every day then it will pay off in the long run! Don’t let soap scum and dirt build up around your sink by giving it a quick wipe or clean every day like Mrs Hinch and you’ll avoid having to give it a big scrub.

    To clean her plug hole and drain, Sophie pours soda crystals down her plug before rinsing it with her go-to product – diluted Zoflora. Sophie then pours hot water over the mixture to rinse out the plug.

    10. Keep your bin smelling clean

    Mrs Hinch cleaning tips for keeping your bin smelling fresh involves a handy hack for once you’ve given the outside of your bin a wipe.

    After cleaning it with a disinfectant spray, Sophie douses a piece of kitchen roll in Zoflora, folds it up and leaves it at the bottom of her bin before inserting a bin bag. That way you’ve got something in there to counteract any smells that come from the stuff you put in the bin afterwards.

    11. Mrs Hinch cleaning tips for doors

    Sophie surprised even the most clued-up cleaners when she revealed she uses fabric conditioner to keep her doors clean. Sophie appeared on This Morning and revealed fabric conditioner mixed with water allows her to wipe down marks on doors without removing the paint. Who would have thought?!

    12. Rug cleaning the Mrs Hinch way

    When it comes to cleaning rugs, Sophie turns to fabric conditioner once again – so you could do your doors and rugs all in one day! To clean your rug the Mrs Hinch way, simply mix one capful of fabric conditioner with washing gel. Then add warm water to the mix and stir. Use a clean cloth and dab it in the mixture before wiping it onto the rug. Let it dry and give it a hoover afterwards to get up any remaining dirt or dust.

    Mrs Hinch cleaning products for her cleaning tips

    From her famous Minky cloth to the more inventive products that you might not find on the supermarket shelves; these are the products that cleaning sensation, Mrs Hinch, relies on to keep her home squeaky clean.

    Most Mrs Hinch cleaning tips use these cleaning products – which can all be bought online from places like Amazon, or in stores like Wilko, B&M and Poundland.

    We wouldn’t normally look to pick up our cleaning products from a premium supermarket likes Marks & Spencer, but Mrs Hinch also revealed that there are some great cleaning bits to be bought from the store for less than £1.

    The Instagram sensation revealed that she loves both Marks & Spencer’s Apricot & Orange Kitchen Cleaner and Floral Burst Multi-Purpose Cleaner too – which are just 90p each.

    The Minky cloth

    The Minky anti-bacterial cloth that Mrs Hinch raves about comes from Minky Homecare but the best deals, unsurprisingly, come from Amazon where it’s stocked in different sizes.

    The cloth is double sided so it’s perfect for battling those tough stains on any surface around the home and Sophie has been known to use it almost exclusively in many of her home-cleaning hack videos, as it’s also easy to remove the dirty residue from the cloth and use again soon after.

    Other fans of the cloth says they’re brilliant for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen sinks, since they’re a little less abrasive than the traditional yellow and green scrubbing sponges but still give a really thorough clean. As one fan writes, ‘Cleans good, perfect shape, washes well in washing machine. My Minky has had alot of use & been replaced in 3 months.’

    For three cloths, it’s £6.79 on Amazon, £2.50 each direct from the Minky website and the same price on the Dunelm website. You can also pick them up from B&M stores, with prices ranging from £2.49 to £4.99.

    The Pink Stuff

    Another one of Sophie’s favourite products, The Pink Stuff, is a budget cleaning paste that Sophie uses for everything from keeping her oven and hobs gleaming to freshening up old silverware.

    the pink stuff is one of Mrs Hinch cleaning hacks

    Credit: Getty

    Since shooting to Instagram fame a couple of years ago, Mrs Hinch has made The Pink Stuff a household name too. Ideal for cleaning everything from bathroom tiles to old silverware, it’s tough on stains and germs while being easy to use and affordable – as it costs just £1 at It’s also available to buy from Sainsbury’s and Tesco, along with other DIY stores like Robert Dyas.

    The Pink Stuff comes in a paste, cream or spray making it super versatile. Mrs Hinch uses hers to clean the oven and hob largely, but she also revealed that her Dad used the paste to freshen up old silverware that she’d bought from a car boot sale.

    Sophie’s dad used the paste to scrub off the grime from the silver goblets before getting the cream out to give them a proper polish.

    The Sonic scrubber

    Some of Mrs Hinch’s tools have come and gone as she finds more effective methods to clean her home, but there’s one that’s been a constant – the sonic scrubber. Looking a little like a giant electric toothbrush, the sonic scrubber is a battery-powered cleaning brush with a non-slip handle and a long head so it can reach into all the nooks and crannies you can’t quite get to.


    Sophie uses it to clean everything from the grout in the kitchen to the ins and outs of her washing machine.

    You can buy one for less than £19 from Amazon.


    Anyone who follows Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips will know she is crazy about Zoflora. The budget disinfectant liquid is Sophie’s go-to product when it comes to most household chores.

    zoflora - a Mrs Hinch must-have

    Credit: Getty

    Mrs Hinch has used Zoflora to clean and refresh her toilet during a bathroom clean as well as on the outside of the washing machine and in the kitchen. It’s so multi-use that Sophie considers it an essential on her ‘Hinchlists’.

    Mrs Hinch cleaning products list

    Sophie shares her ‘Hinchlists’ of must-have products on her Insta-stories. (Credit: Instagram/Mrs Hinch)

    You can buy it on Amazon or in almost all major supermarkets.

    Ace for Whites

    This high-powered stain removing product is the first thing Mrs Hinch picks up when it comes to getting stains like fake tan out of bedding.

    Ace for whites - an essential cleaning product for Mrs Hinch

    Credit: Amazon

    “This is my go to when it comes to removing fake tan from bedding guys! It’s very cheap and works every time,” Mrs Hinch wrote on Instagram.

    Ace is around £1.40 for a bottle can be bought online from or Amazon, and in all the supermarkets.

    How does Mrs Hinch clean her windows?

    Mrs Hinch is famous for her affordable and easy cleaning hacks and she’s got one for our windows too. Using just a simple spray that can be bought from the likes of B&M or The Range called Elvis Elbow De-Greaser (£1), Mrs Hinch says that a spritz onto the window panes, leaving it for a couple of minutes and then wiping away with a sponge or cloth will leave you with sparkling window panes every time.

    You can also make cuts into a scouring sponge to get right into the hard-to-reach places of the window to elevate your clean.

    How does Mrs Hinch clean her washing machine?

    On her Instagram stories, Sophie shared her Mrs Hinch cleaning tips for washing machines. She explained that to clean the notoriously difficult appliance you need different products for different parts. However, the cleaning products don’t have to be expensive 0 standard cleaning products will do like Flash bathroom cleaner and Zoflora.

    Sophie advises putting an old tea towel on the floor by your washing machine for starters with an oven tray to empty the filter. Then take a Minky cloth and wipe down the inside of your washing machine drum.

    For the washing machine drawer, use Flash bathroom spray as it removes any build-up of soap and fabric conditioner. To get into places that are harder to reach, use a Sonic Scrubber instead of wiping with a cloth.

    Once you’ve have wiped down or scrubbed those harder-to-reach parts, spritz the washing machine with Flash Bathroom cleaner and run it through a warm wash cycle while it’s empty. Afterwards, Sophie recommends wiping down the outside of the machine with Zoflora as – “it smells so good!”