Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: 19 hacks and cleaning products to try at home

Get Mrs Hinch cleaning tips on everything from how to make your shower look like new to making sure your bins smell fresh...

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Discover the best Mrs Hinch cleaning tips all in one place, plus her favourite cleaning products for your home.

There are so many cleaning hacks out there - from how to clean an air fryer to how to clean a TV screen - but they don't always work out. That's where Mrs Hinch and her tried-and-tested cleaning tips come in.

But just who is Mrs Hinch? Also known by her real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, she became an online cleaning sensation after sharing her amazing cleaning hacks on Instagram. She joined the social media network in 2018, admitting later that the real reason she started cleaning was due to loneliness. But her handy hacks and low cost solutions to common household issues struck a chord with millions and the 32-year-old is now a social media star and author of four best-selling books. In fact, in March 2021, she was named as the highest-paid 'homefluencer' or 'cleanfluencer' in the United Kingdom.

19 of the best Mrs Hinch cleaning tips

Discover our favourite Mrs Hinch cleaning tips, from how to keep your curtains looking their best to a great trick for keeping a mattress stain-free. Get set for a sparkling home...

1. The best way to clean your shower

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Sophie keeps her bath and shower clean that uses just a few key products, all of which come in at around £6 in total, and takes just four key steps.

  • Spray the shower and shower head with Viakal Limescale Remover Spray. This removes limescale and water marks. Mrs Hinch recommends leaving the Viakal spray on for up to five minutes before removing.
  • Then, using Flash bathroom spray wipe down the bath itself, using Mrs Hinch's trusty Minky (or Minkeh) sponge - more on that later!
  • Next, wash off the Viakal using the shower itself. 
  • Finish off the job by using Astonish Mould and Mildew buster to remove any lurking nasties.
Viakal Limescale Remover (Two bottles) | View at Amazon, RRP £7.50

Viakal Limescale Remover (Two bottles) | View at Amazon, RRP £7.50

This favourite of Mrs Hinch, helps remove limescale and watermarks. Regular use also helps to prevent the build-up of both of these. Highly effective even in very hard water areas.

Flash Bathroom Cleaning Spray | View at Wilko, RRP £2

Flash Bathroom Cleaning Spray | View at Wilko, RRP £2

Keeps your bathroom sparkling clean by removing soap scum and limescale. Its powerful formula quickly lifts away dirt without scrubbing. 

Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster | View at Wilko, RRP 95p

Astonish Mould & Mildew Blaster | View at Wilko, RRP 95p

Vegan approved, this spray removes mould and mildew in minutes, killing 99.9% of bacteria. Just spray, leave and wipe clean and the active formula helps prevent return of any mould or mildew.

2. Wipe down your radiators

We often forget to clean our radiators and get rid of the dust and grime that accumulates on them.

Mrs Hinch's cleaning tips for radiators involve two products - Zoflora and a dust cloth. She advises using a diluted Zoflora mix, spraying it on a cloth, and simply wiping down the radiators. Zoflora recommends diluting their product in water at a ratio of 1 in 40.

Not only will this method leave radiators clean, but they will also smell lovely too.

To get rid of the dust behind radiators, try attaching straws to your vacuum cleaner adaptor so that it easily fits between the metal radiator grill slots.

Zoflora Honeysuckle & Jasmine Multipurpose Disinfectant | View at Amazon, RRP £3

Zoflora Honeysuckle & Jasmine Multipurpose Disinfectant | View at Amazon, RRP £3

A Mrs Hinch must-have, Zoflora not only comes in a range of different fragrances but also kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, while also eliminating odours. Plus, as you dilute it, the small bottle lasts for ages!

3. How to get stainless steel fixtures to sparkle

Whether it's in your bathroom or kitchen, we all want the stainless steel fixtures to be smudge free. 

To clean stainless steel fixtures like a shower rail, Mrs Hinch uses a Minky Cleaning Pad with Cif Perfect Finish Stainless Steel Spray. To really make stainless steel fixtures shine, Mrs Hinch uses her fondly named Kermit cloth -  a green Minky Microfibre Cloth for Glass & Windows - to finish.

And if you've got a scratch that just won't come out, try this hack to get rid of kitchen scratches. All you need is a toothbrush, toothpaste and some oil and works well on those small scratches that just won't come out with the Mrs Hinch cleaning tip.

Minky Triple Action Cleaning Pad | View at Minky, RRP £2.50

Minky Triple Action Cleaning Pad | View at Minky, RRP £2.50

The original & best-selling M Cloth Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pad has triple action cleaning power for all your go-to household needs. Scrub away daily grime, absorb spills and finish everything with a shine. 

CIF Stainless Steel Spray | View at Wilko, RRP £2.50

CIF Stainless Steel Spray | View at Wilko, RRP £2.50

This spray not only removes grease, watermarks and fingerprints, but also brings back the shine to stainless steel surfaces. 

Minky Glass & Window M Cloth | View at Amazon, RRP £3.99

Minky Glass & Window M Cloth | View at Amazon, RRP £3.99

Affectionately called Kermit by Mrs Hinch and her followers, this cloth quickly remove dirt and grease from windows and other glass surfaces.

4. Make space in your kitchen cupboard

Less of a Mrs Hinch cleaning tip and more of a handy storage trick from the cleaning queen, Sophie has a clever way for storing pots and pans to make the most of cupboard space. 

Simply place your pan lids upside down on top of your pans. This means you'll be able to stack them up on top of each other instead of the pans sliding around because of the handles. Genius!

5. How to store bed linen sets

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There's nothing worse than wasting half and hour hunting in the linen closet for a matching bed set. Thankfully, Mrs Hinch has come to the rescue.

She shared a tip on her Instagram Stories, explaining how she groups all her linen sets together in the matching pillow case. She wrote, "Where do I keep my fresh bedding? I store the whole fresh bed set into the matching pillow case!"

But that's not the only linen hack Mrs Hinch has up her sleeve.

She also revealed that - once she has finished ironing her duvet cover, pillow cases and fitted sheets - she then places Lenor tumble dryer sheets in with her clean bedding, to keep it fresh when it's time to change them.

Lenor Tumble Dryer Sheets | View at Waitrose, RRP £2

Lenor Tumble Dryer Sheets | View at Waitrose, RRP £2

Lenor fabric conditioner sheets are especially designed for the tumble dryer. They help protect  clothes, towels and bedding from creasing, static cling and loss of freshness caused by the heat of the tumble dryer.

6. Make curtains look their best

All you need for this hack is a toilet roll. We know what you're thinking - how can toilet roll make my curtains look great? But according to Mrs Hinch, empty toilet rolls are brilliant for ensuring the pleats in your curtains are neat, uniform and properly spaced out.

  • Start with at least ten empty toilet rolls. 
  • Cut them open down the length of the roll, so they're easy to pop on and off your curtain rail.
  • Simply place a roll between each curtain ring, to ensure the pleat falls nicely and neatly. Mrs Hinch says you can also cut the toilet rolls to size, depending on how big or small you want the gaps between pleats to be. 
  • Tape the toilet rolls back up after hanging them, so that they don't fall down when you draw the curtains at night, or open them in the morning.

As you can see from the tried and tested technique below, this handy hack really works.

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7. Wipe down indoor plants

Another of Mrs Hinch's cleaning tips is a hack for dusty plants, because no-one wants their green friends to be dusty and dirty. 

Sophie's solution is to simply use a tumble dryer sheet to wipe away any dust or grime that's built up on the plant. You can do this on both real and fake plants. 

It will keep them smelling fresh, as well as avoid a build-up of dust and dirt that can then transfer onto your carpet or furniture.

8. How to get rid of stains on your mattress

If you've got children who are a little accident prone in bed, or you've noticed some unfortunate dirt marks on your mattress that have accumulated over the years, you'll want to try this Mrs Hinch cleaning tip.

  • Remove all bedding first
  • Sprinkle bicarbonate powder on the stained areas of your mattress, rubbing it in with a rubber glove.
  • Leave the bicarb on your mattress for 60 minutes.
  • Once the time is over, simply hoover the powder off and voilà, you should be left with a sparkling clean mattress minus any stains.

If you make your own carpet refresher, which also uses bicarbonate powder, you could also spray this on your mattress to make sure it smells lovely as well.

9. Clean your sink daily

Don't let soap scum and dirt build up around your sink by giving it a quick wipe or clean every day like Mrs Hinch and you'll avoid having to give it a big scrub.

To clean her plug hole and drain, Sophie pours soda crystals down her plug before rinsing it with her go-to product - diluted Zoflora. Sophie then pours hot water over the mixture to rinse out the plug.

And if you want to wake up to a gorgeous-smelling kitchen every day follow this Mrs Hinch cleaning tip. Simply fill the sink with a capful of neat Zoflora and add boiling water straight from the kettle. Then just leave overnight to wake up to a fresh kitchen! 

10. How to keep your bin smelling clean

Mrs Hinch cleaning tips for keeping your bin smelling fresh involves a handy hack for once you've given the outside of your bin a wipe.

After cleaning it with a  spray such as her favourite Stardrops 4-in-1 disinfectant spray, Sophie then scrubs it with a Dishmatic pad, full of washing up liquid. 

Once it's nice and clean, she then douses a piece of kitchen roll in Zoflora, folds it up and leaves it at the bottom of her bin before inserting a bin bag. That way you've got something in there to counteract any smells that come from the stuff you put in the bin afterwards.

Stardrops 4 In 1 Pine Disinfectant Spray | View at Online Poundstore, RRP £1.45

Stardrops 4 In 1 Pine Disinfectant Spray | View at Online Poundstore, RRP £1.45

A multi-purpose cleaner that kills 99% of bacteria, including the flu virus, which leaves a pine fresh fragrance. Ieal for cleaning work surfaces, toilets, drains, sinks, baths and surrounding areas.

Dishmatic Washing Up Brush with Sponge | View at  Amazon, RRP £3.71

Dishmatic Washing Up Brush with Sponge | View at  Amazon, RRP £3.71

This sponge not only protects your hands by not having to go int the water, it also dispenses washing up liquid, saving time on washing all the dishes. Mrs Hinch likes these so much that she has about 10 dotted around her house!

11. How to remove marks from painted doors

Sophie surprised even the most clued-up cleaners when she revealed she uses fabric conditioner to keep her doors clean. She appeared on This Morning and revealed fabric conditioner mixed with water gets marks off doors without removing the paint. It smells pretty good as well.

12. How to clean rugs

When it comes to cleaning rugs, Sophie turns to fabric conditioner once again - so you could clean your doors and rugs in one day. 

  • To clean your rug the Mrs Hinch way, simply mix one capful of fabric conditioner with washing gel. 
  • Add warm water to the mix and stir.
  • Using a clean cloth, dab it in the mixture before wiping it onto the rug. 
  • Let it dry.
  • Hoover it afterwards to get up any remaining dirt or dust.

13. Cleaning windows

Using just a simple spray that can be bought from the likes of B&M or The Range called Elbow De-Greaser, Mrs Hinch spritzs it onto window panes, leaving it for a couple of minutes. She then wipes it away with a sponge or cloth, leaving sparkling window panes every time. 

She also recommends making cuts into a scouring sponge to get right into the hard-to-reach places of the window to elevate your clean.

Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser Spray | View at Asda, RRP £1

Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser Spray | View at Asda, RRP £1

The 'cleanfluencer' swears by this product for removing stains from everything such as windows and tiles to carpets and sofas. 

14. Mrs Hinch's top tip on how to clean a washing machine

If you're wondering how to clean a washing machine, Mrs Hinch has a fix for that as well.  While we use it to clean our clothes, we often neglect the machine itself and this can often make you wonder why does my washing machine smell?

Mrs Hinch says that to clean your washing machine you need different products for different parts. However, the cleaning products don't have to be expensive - standard cleaning products such as Flash bathroom cleaner and the Mrs Hinch must-have Zoflora will do.

Here's how to clean a washing machine the Mrs Hinch way:

  • Sophie advises putting an old tea towel on the floor by your washing machine for starters with an oven tray to empty the filter. 
  • Then take a Minky cloth and wipe down the inside of your washing machine drum.
  • For the washing machine drawer, use Flash bathroom spray as it removes any build-up of soap and fabric conditioner. To get into places that are harder to reach, use a Sonic Scrubber instead of wiping with a cloth.
  • Once you've have scrubbed those harder-to-reach parts, spritz the washing machine with Flash Bathroom cleaner and run it through a warm wash cycle while it's empty.
  • Afterwards, Sophie recommends wiping down the outside of the machine with Zoflora as “it smells so good!”

Mrs Hinch cleaning tips: Shop her cult cleaning products

From her famous Minky cloth to the more inventive products that you might not find on the supermarket shelves; these are the products that cleaning sensation, Mrs Hinch, relies on to keep her home squeaky clean.

Most Mrs Hinch cleaning tips use these cleaning products - which can all be bought online from places like Amazon, or in stores like Wilko, B&M and Poundland.

15. The Minky Cloth

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The Minky anti-bacterial cloth that Mrs Hinch raves about comes from Minky Homecare but you can pick them up at various different stores, such as Amazon, Asda and B&M.

The cloth is double sided so it's perfect for battling those tough stains on any surface around the home and Sophie has been known to use it almost exclusively in many of her home-cleaning hack videos, as it's also easy to remove the dirty residue from the cloth and use again soon after.

Other fans of the cloth say they're brilliant for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen sinks, since they're a little less abrasive than the traditional yellow and green scrubbing sponges but still give a really thorough clean.

As one fan writes, "Cleans good, perfect shape, washes well in washing machine. My Minky has had a lot of use and been replaced in 3 months."

Minky 3 Pack M Cloth Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pad | View at Amazon, RRP £5.70

Minky 3 Pack M Cloth Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pad | View at Amazon, RRP £5.70

What's better than one Minky pad? Three of course. The M Cloth Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pad is dual sided for effective powerful scrubbing, while the high density microfibre is great for washing up or wiping down all areas of the home.

16. The Pink Stuff

Another one of Sophie's favourite products, The Pink Stuff, is a budget cleaning paste that Sophie uses for everything from keeping her oven and hobs gleaming to freshening up old silverware.

Since shooting to Instagram fame a couple of years ago, Mrs Hinch has made The Pink Stuff a household name too. It's tough on stains and germs while being easy to use and affordable.

The Pink Stuff comes in a paste, cream or spray making it super versatile. Mrs Hinch uses hers to clean the oven and hob largely, but it also works on getting tough marks off kitchen floors and cleaning old silverware.

Since shooting to Instagram fame a couple of years ago, Mrs Hinch has made The Pink Stuff a household name too. Ideal for cleaning everything from bathroom tiles to old silverware, it's tough on stains and germs while being easy to use and affordable - as it costs just £1 at It's also available to buy from Sainsbury's and Tesco, along with other DIY stores like Robert Dyas.

The Pink Stuff comes in a paste, cream or spray making it super versatile. Mrs Hinch uses hers to clean the oven and hob largely, but she also revealed that her Dad used the paste to freshen up old silverware that she'd bought from a car boot sale.

Sophie's dad used the paste to scrub off the grime from the silver goblets before getting the cream out to give them a proper polish.

The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste | View at Wilko, RRP £1.50

The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste | View at Wilko, RRP £1.50

This cult cleaning product removes tough stains from all kinds of surfaces, including tiles, barbecues, floors and trainers. It's also environmentally nontoxic and suitable for vegans.

17. The Sonic Scrubber

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Some of Mrs Hinch's tools have come and gone as she finds more effective methods to clean her home, but there's one that's been a constant - the sonic scrubber. 

Looking a little like a giant electric toothbrush, the sonic scrubber is a battery-powered cleaning brush with a non-slip handle and a long head so it can reach into all the nooks and crannies you can't quite get to.

Sophie uses it to clean everything from the grout in the kitchen to the ins and outs of her washing machine.

Sonic Scrubber Cleaning Brush | View at Amazon, RRP £14.99

Sonic Scrubber