You can buy Mrs Hinch's cleaning book for just £5 at B&M

And pick up her favourite products whilst you're there...

Instagram star Mrs Hinch's debut book 'Hinch Yourself Happy' was released last month, and you can now grab a copy at bargain store B&M.

It was such a success during its release that Mrs Hinch's debut book 'Hinch Yourself Happy topped Amazon’s Bestseller list in only eight hours.

Fans can’t get enough of Mrs Hinch's cleaning hacks, it seems…

As well as being filled with all sorts of tips and tricks, the book features her story, and how she found herself with over 2 million followers on Instagram.

Many wanted to know how the 29-year-old went from being Sophie Hinchliffe, to Mrs Hinch so quickly.

Her followers tune in every day to watch her clean her home, often with affectionate nicknames for all the products.

In fact, many of Mrs Hinch’s favourites can be found on offer at B&M.

Credit: Amazon

Shoppers can pick up Elbow Grease Washing-Up Liquid for just 89p, making scrubbing plates both economical and easy.

You can also grab a 60 pack of Leather Wipes for £1; perfect for making your furniture squeaky clean.

For those of you with wood flooring like Mrs Hinch, Stardrops 1L Wood Floor Cleaner is only £1.

Their White Vinegar is available for 99p too, which is great for laundry stain removal and glass and surface cleaning.

One of her favourite disinfectant brands Zoflora is also on sale, at £3.99 for the regular and £1.99 for Zoflora Summer. This multi-room cleaner is excellent at keeping things clean and hygienic.

Credit: REX/Shutterstock

Mrs Hinch is currently expecting her first baby, and recently returned home after a 10 day stay in hospital.

We can’t wait to see updates featuring the newborn that she revealed to be a boy in a recent Instagram post.

We’re sure many of her fans will appreciate cleaning hacks for motherhood, as a newborn baby is both time consuming and messy!

If her best-selling book is anything to go by, she’ll be on hand to motivate mums everywhere.

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