The internet is convinced this mum is ‘setting her daughter up to be bullied’ with her very unique name choice

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  • A concerned mum has divided the internet after seeking advice on her baby daughter's unusual name.

    The new mother and her husband decided to name their baby daughter after her grandfather – but after receiving some uncertain reactions from friends and family, the parents took to Reddit to ask the opinion of strangers.

    Admitting that the couple had been told that they were ‘setting their daughter up to be bullied‘ in the future by giving her a ‘boy’s name’, the worried mum explained that her little girl is named Clint Annabelle.

    We both loved the name, but have received a lot of backlash from it on social media and from some friends.

    We were told that it was terrible and would be setting our baby up for bullying in the future. This has definitely made us reconsider,’ she posted online, confessing her second thoughts after completing her daughter’s birth certificate.

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    The question certainly divided opinion, with some respondents certain that the little girl’s name would cause her problems in later life.

    Some names can be used for both genders; Clint is not one of them. You are setting her up for bullying in the future,’ one starkly said.

    Not to mention even if she isn’t bullied there’s a chance she’ll hate her name. She’s almost definitely going to by some variant of Annabelle but nobody is ever going to believe her when she says what her first name is,’ replied another.

    ‘Think about her job applications, all official paperwork for years. More importantly imagine you yourself growing up with the name ‘Clint’ as a woman and see if you still love it,’ agreed a third.

    One more even shared her own experience of resenting her parents for the name they gave her, revealing, ‘I’m a woman with an uncommon, predominantly male name. I can’t tell you how many times I told my parents that I hate my name or that they must hate me because of my name.’

    Others were less opposed to ‘Clint’, but still suggested making it into a middle name.

    Why not go the other way around Annabelle Clint? Less likely to be bullied,’ one said.

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