Mum shares creative hack for dealing with Christmas laundry

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  • Blogger Jessi posted her tip for dealing with the clothes washing over Christmas and it’s proving very popular with other parents…

    If you’re already starting to worry about the mountains of washing you can expect you gather in the laundry basket over Christmas, you need this mum’s creative hack.

    Because when everyone else is having fun, indulging in that extra mince pie or having fizz with breakfast, who wants to be debating if you should prioritise a white, mixed or dark load?

    One mum has taken a particularly laid back approach to this particular chore over the festive period and other parents are loving it.

    Taking to Instagram to share her creative tip blogger Jessi, also known as the Modern Day Mumma, posted a picture of her laundry organised in size order and carefully balanced in the basket.

    For a festive twist she tops the pile with a huge star and fashions her dirty clothes as a kind of alternative Christmas tree!

    She explained: ‘The best way to avoid doing the washing – turn it into a Christmas tree 🎄 it’s free 😜 I’ll wash this after Christmas or maybe the “elf on the shelf” can help me 🤣 #mumlife #mumhack’.

    Parents are loving Jessi’s tip and the post has hundreds of likes. One person wrote: ‘Hahaha this is awesome! 🙌🏼’.

    Another said: ‘Love this laundry art Chrimbo installation.’

    A third added: ‘Ok wow this is hilarious!’

    Several others have been tagging their friends and family to offer some festive inspiration…

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    Do you have any other handy tips for keeping on top of the household chores over the festive period? Other than encouraging the kids to get involved more than often so that, you know, Santa sees all of their good behaviour… Head over to our Facebook page to share your thoughts!