Mum sparks debate after asking if it's 'normal' for her son to stab her daughter in the head with a fork

Do you think it's normal?


A worried mum has shared her fears over her son after he took sibling rivalry to the next level and stabbed his sister with a fork.

Taking to Mumsnet, the mum recalled the incident to other parents and asked if they thought the seven-year-old’s behaviour is ‘normal’ for his age.

She explained: ‘DS [darling son] (7) stabbed DD [darling daughter] (5) in the head with a fork at the dinner table.

‘I didn't see it, but her head was bleeding when I came into the kitchen. They fight like cat and dog and it's usually six of one and half of a dozen anyway, so I told him to say sorry and dinner carried on.

‘Told DH [darling husband] just now when he got in from the pub and he think it's terrible and not normal. But I think all siblings fight and they're only little. AIBU [Am I being unreasonable]?’

But she didn’t get the response she was hoping for as many parents failed to reassure her, insisting the boy’s behaviour was far from ‘normal’.

‘That’s not normal. I’m a bit shocked that you think it’s ok. He stabbed her , she’s bleeding but it’s ok because they’re only small? No , not ok at all,’ one parent responded.

Another said: ‘I have 4 siblings and we all fought like cat and dog. No one ever stabbed anyone.’


A third commented: ‘I don't think that's normal either. At 7 he's old enough to understand it would hurt her. Your DH is right.’

Other parents took issue with how the mum handled the incident, saying the boy should have faced a stricter punishment instead of simply apologising to his sister.

‘No it's not normal, and neither was your reaction. Just saying "sorry" and nothing else? He could have caught her in the eye and done some serious damage, it's incredibly dangerous,’ one parent fumed.

Another added: ‘He made her bleed and just had to say sorry?? Are you stark raving MAD?!?!’

While others advised that he should have at least been sent to his room and had any electronic devices removed.

But there were some messages of support, with one user commenting: ‘I think its normal. My brother and I used to get physical - once I hit him with a toy snooker stick so hard it broke.’

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