Mum sparks packed lunch debate over her very organised prepping

packed lunch
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Many children take a packed lunch to school, but it can often be stressful making lunches for the whole family on top of an already busy schedule.

One savvy mum shared her packed lunch hack, but it was met with some division among the community.

Taking to Facebook group Mums Who Cook, Clean and Organise, she revealed that she prepares lunches at 3am on a Sunday to save time.

But whilst the early wake up call might not be appealing for other mums, that wasn't what she was criticised over.

She revealed she uses zip lock bags to store the fruit, yoghurt, snacks and juices for her children.

Then, she labels each bag with her child's name so they know which ones to take with them each day.

Some users were concerned about her use of plastic, with one writing, 'I'm sorry to be a negative Nelly, but maybe try some alternatives to all the plastic next time.'

packed lunch

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However, the mum defended her choice to use the zip bags, as she said she reuses them each week and only uses the bags to store food before they're transferred to her children's lunchboxes.

She replied, saying, 'Yep we 100% reuse them, they just go back in the draw when they've filled up their lunchboxes'.

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Another commenter defended her decision to use the bags, revealing, 'Go Mumma! I also reuse the sandwich bags for leftovers, school snacks and fruit and veg prep! They are a perfect way to keep stuff together and fresh and the fact they reseal is perfect'

But the mum was met with praise from others, telling her to ignore the negative comments.

One wrote, 'Well done. It changes your whole mind set when you start off being organised for the week ahead. It helps us cope when the unexpected things pop up'

And another added, 'It's your household and you know how to run it and how to be a great mum'.

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