‘It used to be a reminder that I hadn’t done things properly’ Mum praised for honest post on why C-sections are not ‘the easy way out’

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  • A mum has gone viral after sharing her candid thoughts on C-sections in a powerful post on Facebook.

    Sophie McCartney took to the social networking site to air her views after a friend quipped she would take the ‘easy way out’ if she fell pregnant by opting for a caesarean over a natural birth.

    ‘This is my daughter’s very first photograph – bloody, furious, and taken just seconds after she was delivered via an emergency section. Destiny conspired against me – deciding my sixteen hour labour, along with 45 minutes of eye-popping pushing (which resulted only in the birth of the previous night’s sausage casserole) would not end in the natural delivery I had so desperately hoped for (shakes angry fist at birthing plan)’, she wrote.

    ‘A friend of mine, yet to embark on parenthood, recently joked that when she gave birth she would be opting for the ‘easy way’ out – choosing a caesarean over natural. This got me thinking… well first I laughed a sort of psychotic serial killer-esque laugh – but then I started contemplating…. Is it really the easy way out…?’

    Sophie then went on to acknowledge that although she can understand her pal’s point of view, people often have a ‘misconception’ about the operation before they go through the experience of birth themselves.

    ‘There seems to be an odd assumption that having a C-Section is some sort of magical and pain-free alternative to natural childbirth. Granted, if it’s planned you can eliminate contraction pains and a lot of the vomit / poo indignity that goes with a natural labour – but you still have to undergo major surgery… AWAKE (in most cases)’, she continued.

    ‘Yes, there’s a big blue sheet – but what the heck is happening on the other side of it?! Two people rummaging in your trunk as though they’ve lost their phone down the back of a sofa cushion, is unpleasant at best. And once it’s over, and you’ve gone through the horror of not being able to feel your legs for a couple of hours – what then?’

    After outlining some of the realities of undergoing the procedure, Sophie felt compelled to open up about the mental impact it can have on a woman.

    ‘Along with physical damage (can we all say ‘C-Section shelf’) – there’s also mental trauma, as with any form of birth. The photograph with this post is now one of my favourites, but it didn’t used to be… It used to be a memento of my failings… a reminder that I hadn’t done things “properly”‘, she added.

    Planning a natural childbirth

    ‘Yeah I went there… “Properly”? Blooming ridiculous, I know. At the time, there was a rational part of my brain saying, “It doesn’t matter how she arrived, she’s alive.” However, there was also a louder non-rational part that harboured feelings of guilt and inferiority.’

    Sophie concluded her frank status by saying there’s ‘no easy way to give birth’, prompting many to praise her for her honesty.

    ‘Thank you for talking so openly about your experience, it will have helped so many mums going through the same thing’, said one.

    ‘You have not failed in any way, shape, or form – you and your son are both here to tell the tale, and that’s all that matters.’

    Another added: ‘It’s definitely not ‘easy’. I don’t feel guilty for my C-section, it was an emergency one so I feel very lucky to live in a country where I can have such assistance.’