Mum of autistic child praises Lush rainbow soap that’s ‘just like Play-Do’ for making bath time super easy

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A mother of a child with autism has taken to the internet to sing the praises of a special product from cosmetics giant, Lush.

The delighted parent took to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to share news of the fab find with other users.

Sharing a snap of Lush’s mouldable Fun soap, she explained that it had been super handy in helping her get bath time done smoothly with her autistic little boy.

Credit: Lush UK

Great for any kids with sensory difficulties or autism. These soaps from lush are made of a play dough consistency and can be used for hands, body and hair,’ she wrote online.

My little boy has sensory processing disorder and I'm very excited to let him "shower with play dough".

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Sharing the need to know details of the magical washing aid, she went on to add, ‘The set of 3 are £7.95 and the rainbow is £9.95 lightly fragranced too. They also do jelly body wash/soaps and slimy body wash/soap.’

Credit: Lush UK

The innovative addition to bath time comes in Rainbow, Mermaid and Monster and Aliens style.

The three-in-one bars can be used as shampoo, soap or a bubble bar, so there’s no need to be faffing around with multiple bottles. A great way to reduce your plastic packaging consumption too.

Lots of commenters quickly piped up to thank the original poster for bringing the cool soap to their attention.

Credit: Lush UK

My daughter will love this, thank you,’ wrote one.

Meanwhile, a second had her very own tip, explaining, ‘Word to the wise- you can also use these as finger paints.

Mix a tiny bit with a lot of water and it will work on tiles and just washes off. My nephew adores these and it’s super easy to clean off.’

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