Mum refuses to send son to school for another year so he can play

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  • Emma Hutchinson has decided to not send her four-year-old son to school until next year so that he can play more and bond with his brother.

    When the time comes to send your child to school for the first time, it can feel pretty daunting as they still feel so little.

    Have you ever wish you could hold off for just another year? Well, mum-of-two Emma has taken the decision not to send her four-year-old son to school this year and is waiting until he reaches the compulsory school age of five.

    Writing on her blog Dirt, Diggers and Dinosaurs, Emma explains that she wants Stanley to have another year of playing, exploring, growing and bonding with his younger brother.

    Emma admitted that her approach is not for everyone, but it’s certainly an interesting point of view to explore.

    She explained: ‘We’ve done something that many of our friends and family will view as controversial.

    ‘We have decided not to send Stanley to school this year. Instead, he will be starting next September when he is five.’

    Emma added: ‘For the extra year he will be attending pre-school part time, playing, bonding with his brothers, playing, exploring, enjoying days out, playing, growing and developing at his own pace.

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    Those who have read my blog, will know that we chose not to send Stanley to school this year as he falls under Summer Born legistration. Instead, he will start next year in Reception at CSA (compulsory school age). I feel so lucky that we were able to give him this extra year to just let him enjoy being 'little'. This was what we did on Wed…he made a party hat and planted a Gruffalo garden. Then both Stanley and James did lots of singing, dancing, playing, and of course being brothers inevitably the odd bit of fighting!! To read more about our decision, click the link in my bio ⬆️ #summerborn #Stanley #notreadyforReception #family #choice #parenting #hesstilllittle #gardeningclub #littleacorns #littlegreenfingers #mummyblogger #mumofboys #boymum #blog #wordpress #wordpressblogger #pbloggers #pblogger #mummybloggersuk #mummybloggers #bestdecisionever #noregrets

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    ‘The plain fact is, he’s four. We’ve simply chosen not to send him to school early, we are sending him at school age which if you go back a generation was the absolute norm.

    ‘I personally believe that in the UK all children start school too early and that we’d be better off following our European neighbours whose children start school at aged seven when they are emotionally and physically ready.’

    Emma was prompted to make this decision when she was at Stanley’s pre-school parents’ evening and was told her son would ‘cope’ with school as he is a bright, intelligent child.

    As a mother, Emma hated the idea that her son should have to cope with anything.

    What do you think about Emma’s decision and do you agree that children in the UK start school to early? Would you consider doing the same and keeping your child out of school for as long as possible? Head over to our Facebook page to join the conversation and share your thoughts!