Mum hits back at stranger who told her she should spank her child with emotional video

'Why would I want to take something that’s good about my son and punish him for it?'


It can be frustrating for parents when their child loses control and throws a tantrum, especially when in a public place.

But that’s what kids do – they cry, and there is very little that can stop them once they get started.

But one woman was left unimpressed after witnessing Mary Katherine Backstrom’s son crying in a supermarket, even going as far as to suggest he deserved to be spanked for his behaviour.

Unable to respond at the time, Mary later shared an emotional video on Facebook criticising the stranger for her unwanted advice.

Explaining how her son, Benjamin, became tearful after his sister, Holland, lost a balloon given to her by a checkout clerk, Mary said: 'The lady behind me in the parallel line checking out goes to the guy who's checking her out: “I’ll tell you what I’d do with that behaviour - I’d take him outside and I’d…” before making a smacking gesture with her hands.’

Then, responding to the stranger’s comments, Mary said: ‘When I am frustrated, when I’m upset, I know how to handle those emotions. My son cannot regulate himself yet, and he wasn’t even being a selfish kid, okay, he was empathising with his sister who lost her balloon - why would I want to beat that out of my child?

‘Why would I want to take something that’s good about my son and punish him for it?

‘Let’s have a little chat about something called toxic masculinity, okay, because what you are recommending I do to my son is take him outside and beat the emotion out of him.

‘You want to know what’s wrong with half the men in this world who can’t express themselves, who feel ashamed to cry? That. That I’m going to beat you for crying in the grocery store, is what’s wrong.

‘Well, you know what? Screw that lady.

‘Take your kids in public and let them be kids, and don’t be ashamed that they’re being kids.’

Many parents commented on the video, sympathising with Mary and sharing their own experiences of being made to feel ashamed of their kids’ behaviour.

One parent said: ‘Gahhhh I wish women would stop the #momshaming no mom cares to hear “what you would do if it was your child” because it’s not. You’re doing a good job Mama don’t let anyone tell you different’.

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