Mum asks if she's being unreasonable for wanting to hide 'expensive' toys during a play date

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An 'irritated' mum has questioned whether she is being unreasonable for wanting to hide expensive toys from other children during play dates.

Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet, the frustrated mum said she was fed up with certain kids wrecking her son's Playmobil Ghostbusters fire station.

She explained: 'This is semi light-hearted but, tbh, I am also a bit irritated. We got DS (Darling son) the Playmobil Ghostbusters fire station for Christmas and other members of our family got him the accompanying play sets.

'We had visitors over Christmas, and it was played with loads. However, when a certain two kids were here it was just dismantled, the stickers peeled off, tiny parts spread all over the house etc.

'DH (Darling husband) said that this is what happens, kids play with stuff and it get trashed. The kids parents said the same. I'm not so sure, it didn't need to be dismantled and spread all over the place, or stickers peeled off, or chewed! It just seems destructive rather than playful whereas with other kids this hasn't been the case at all.'

The mum added: 'I think I'm being particular as I think the thing that is so great about Playmobil is the little parts and the detail, so if most of those are lost or spoiled it ruins it. Also, it's not bloody cheap!


'So, AIBU by putting it, and anything similar, in a cupboard the next time they come or is this just what kids do and I need to loosen up...?!'

Many parents sympathised with the mum and reassured her that she was perfectly in her right to want to keep her son's expensive toys just for him.

One said: ‘YANBU (You are not being unreasonable) to put it away when these children visit. It was your Ds's Christmas present only three months ago and shouldn't be 'trashed'. Give them something to play with that can't be damaged, or get some cheap tat from Poundland just for them if you feel you must provide something for them to play with.’

Another said: 'YANBU. Your DS isn't dismantling and losing bits from his own sets, so why should he have it spoilt by other kids? Just quietly put them away before they come the next time and leave out only the more robust toys.'

However, others disagreed and claimed the mum was 'overinvested' in her son's toys.

One commented: 'Sorry to go against the grain, but you sound a bit 'overinvested' in your son's toy. Is he bothered by the way it is played with by these other kids, or is it you?'

Do you think the mum is being unreasonable or do you agree with her? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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