Mum warns parents to protect their children from 'deadly' plant lurking in gardens

poison hemlock warning
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A mum has begged parents to be aware of a deadly garden plant that is so harmful it can put those who come into contact with it into a coma.

Chavana Neuweg has taken to Facebook to warn others about her daughter's experience after she came into contact with the deadly plant whilst out playing.

It's not just dogs that are at risk of coming into contact with something dangerous on walks meanwhile scientists have urged people to look out for a deadly 'strange froth'

The Facebook post, which has been shared online, reads, "This is probably the most important post I’ll ever make on here. But I couldn’t waste another minute not telling other families about this so they can be informed too. Especially, because it could save my daughters life if you are just a bit informed. Please read this and take it seriously. I’m literally begging you for the safety of my child.

The six-year-old started to get a rash on her face but Chavana admitted she thought it was just the regular allergy her daughter suffered from and proceeded to treat it in the same way as she would but she grew more concerned when the rash kept "spreading and swelling".

Chavana Neuweg daughter poison hemlock reaction

(Image credit: Chavana Neuweg / Facebook)

The mum gave her warning over the poison hemlock plant, she told people, "By this morning, my daughters eye, ear, and entire face was so swollen and covered in this blistery rash. She was having trouble breathing, acting lethargic, and just completely miserable. We took her to the doctor and they gave her prednisone for poison. At this point we still weren’t sure what and where she could have came into contact with poison.

She continued, "By this evening the rash was still continuing to spread and her face was still extremely swollen. She barely talked at all and slept on and off all day. We decided to do a walk around our property to look for any plants that could have gave her this bad of a reaction. And then.. we found it.


And wow were we surprised.

Our property (and all of our neighbours properties) are lined with hundreds of very dangerous plants called





Poison Hemlock

FAVERSHAM, ENGLAND - JUNE 30: Hemlock grows in a field beside a road on June 30, 2021 near Faversham, England. Hemlock is arguably the most infamous of poisonous plants, a recurring ingredient in Shakespearean potions and used in executions in Ancient Greece, most notably that of Socrates. The plant, which can grow up to eight feet tall and is a member of the Apiaceae or Umbellifer family, has spread across much of Kent and across the UK. There are concerns it is finding its way into people's gardens, who may mistake it for similar plants such as Cow Parsley, which is edible. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Chavana's daughter had smelt the top of the flower, ingested it and caused one of the "worst poison reactions" she had ever seen. Chavana continued to warn, "She is still in rough shape as I type this. This plant is DEADLY. It’s considered one of the absolute worst and deadliest plants in America. It looks like a harmless weed but can grow over 10 feet tall. You will find it often along creeks, railroads, and ditches. The plant is unlike many others because it effects the nervous system and can cause nerve and muscle paralysis, vomiting, nausea, coma, muscle pain, seizures, convulsions, loss of speech, rapid heart rate, and much more."

The plant is said to be so bad that it has to be turned in to the state and disposed of properly because it's illegal to do yourself, and NEVER burned Chavana warned.

"It could cause the poison to become airborne. I’m not posting this to scare you. But please educate yourselves and your babies on dangerous plants/trees because it is so so important! I’ll share some photos of her, along with the plant so you can see what I'm talking about."

Chavana Neuweg daughter reaction to poison hemock

(Image credit: Chavana Neuweg / Facebook)

Chavana Neuweg daughter poison hemlock reaction

(Image credit: Chavana Neuweg / Facebook)

And people have been shocked at the mum warning over the poison hemlock plant.

One wrote, "Thank you for sharing! I’m going to be more aware as we work on our creek area. I hope this sweet girl feels better soon."

Another concerned added, "Thanks for the info on that poisonous plant. So sorry that she has to go through this and her family also."

And a third person put, "Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry! Thank you for posting! I never would have known and Love to “smell the flowers.” I hope she recovers quickly! That’s so scary!"

Common symptoms of hemlock poisoning may include:

  • trembling
  • burning in the digestive tract
  • increased salivation
  • dilated pupils
  • muscle pain
  • muscle weakness or muscle paralysis
  • rapid heart rate followed by a decreased heart rate
  • loss of speech
  • convulsions
  • unconsciousness or coma

But rare reactions include risk of:

  • central nervous system depression
  • respiratory failure
  • acute rhabdomyolysis, or breakdown of damaged skeletal muscle
  • acute renal failure
  • death

If you or anyone else begin to experience any adverse reactions after touching, tasting, or eating a poison hemlock plant, seek immediate medical attention.

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