Mum’s hysterical clean up challenge for husband and kids fails miserably!

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  • Any faith this woman might have had in her children's ability to clean up has well and truly been crushed.

    It can be hard as a mother when you come across different messes that have been made in the house.

    You set out to uncover the source of the mess, only to be told ‘It wasn’t me!’ by very single other member of the¬†household when you approach them about it.

    You want to give your kids (and/or partner) the benefit of the doubt, you really do, but it doesn’t seem entirely possible that this mess could have appeared out of no-where.

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    So what do you do? How do you confirm whether your kids and husband are as innocent as they profess?

    You could hold them under the bright light of interrogation and question them until they break, or you could do what one mum did: devise a sneaky clean up challenge in your home.

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    Mum of three, Miranda Crimbring, decided she had enough with being the only person in the family to clean up messes, so came up with a creative idea to teach her kids and other half a lesson.

    The most hilarious thing is, the whole thing failed so badly that the internet is cracking up.

    Miranda dubbed her secret challenge the ‘Who Will Pick Up the Random Piece of Trash That They KNOW Isn’t Supposed to Be There’, and it’s not a bad idea.

    The busy mum simply put a piece of rubbish in the middle of her bathroom floor and waited to see which of her kids (or spouse) would pick it up first. As a reward for picking up the piece of paper, the lucky individual would be awarded with $5 dollars as she had hid the money underneath it.

    Miranda Crimbring

    Well, while trying to prove a point to my kids, we’ve just surpassed the 48hr mark of the “who will pick up the random piece of trash that they KNOW isn’t supposed to be there” challenge… Between…

    Seems simple, right?

    Well, it wasn’t. It’s now been several days since Miranda placed the piece of blatant rubbish on the family’s bathroom floor, and not one person has picked it up.

    Speaking to CafeMom about her failed challenge, the mum said: ‘I truly thought I had made it obvious by putting the paper in the middle of the bathroom floor.

    ‘I knew this was a high-traffic area so I figured one of them would stumble upon it in the morning.’

    She continued: ‘An entire day went by and… nothing! I figured it must be a fluke, so I waited patiently the following day thinking one of them would notice it. Still no’

    Still, no.

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    It had been 48 hours since her little piece of rubbish went un-noticed when Miranda shared the news of her challenge fail on Facebook, but she has revealed to CafeMom that the challenge remains active, as her husband is now in on the joke:

    ‘He promised not to let the kids in on it, and he started to keep an eye on the situation with me, which only grew more hysterical for us each and every time one of the kiddos came out of the bathroom.

    ‘The paper is still in there and the kids still haven’t noticed.’

    The mother continued: ‘My husband and I haven’t really decided how long we’ll let it (the challenge) go.’

    Miranda’s post has received as many as 293,000 shares on Facebook, with mums from all over the world commenting to share their own experiences:

    ‘That stinking thing will be there in 5 years if it were my house.’

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