Children with THESE names are 'most likely' to become billionaires when they grow up

Billionaire names
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Of course, all parents hope that their children will grow up to have a successful future.

But it seems that now, mums and dads may be able to help their little ones on their way to money-making success when it comes to naming them.

The names of children most likely to grow up to be billionaires have been revealed, which means blessing your child with one of these titles may give them more of a chance of raking in big bucks.

Of course, it's important to remember that a name can't dictate a child's future - but it's fun to have a look!

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Online marketplace, has revealed the top billionaire baby names, compiling the top ten names for both boys and girls using data and online info.

The number one names include John/Jonathan and Jonny for boys and Marie/Maria and Mary for girls.

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Aaron Harpin, founder of, explained: ‘Earlier this year, we revealed the top millionaire-making baby names for expectant parents and after such a positive response back, we wanted to make a list that takes it one step further – billionaire baby names!

‘Picking a name for your child is a big decision for any parent,’ he continued.

‘Ultimately this name is with them for life – the first thing people know about them, judge them on and can affect their future!

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‘As a parent you want to give your child the best life possible, and wealth is a factor which comes into that.

‘We hope this list will give mums and dads-to-be some inspiration when it comes to naming their future billionaire baby.’

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So, would you choose your child’s name based on whether it will bring them wealth? Here’s the full list of money making names for you to consider!

Boy’s names

• John/Jonathan/Jonny

• David/Dave

• Thomas/Tommy/Tom

• Wang

• Bill/Billy

• Charles/Charlie

• Michael/Mike/Mikey

• Robert/Robbie

• Mohammed

• Jim/Jimmy

Girl’s names

• Marie/Maria/Mary

• Judy/Judith

• Sofia/Sofie

• Ann/Anna/Annie

• Victoria/Vicky/Tori

• Elizabeth/Beth/Lizzie

• Abigail/Abby/Abbie

• Kim

• MacKenzie

• Kirsten

Of course - giving your child a certain name doesn't guarantee them financial success - and we reckon these names are just as lovely if your children don't go on to be billionaires.

If nothing else, they might provide some great name inspiration for any expectant parents out there!