64 millionaire baby names to choose from, plus the wealthiest surnames to keep an eye out for

Millionaire baby names, from Forbes and Bill to Golda and Alice could these baby names mean riches

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Choosing from millionaire baby names could inspire your little one to become successful and independent. Or it could just be a really cool baby name.

Though, according to baby name experts, certain names are more associated with wealth, opulence, luxury and success than others. The top rich name for girls was Alice, closely followed by Kate, Lily, Mary and Victoria. For boys, David topped the list, followed by Edward, William, John and Mark. 

Looks like the Beckhams and the Royals are hot influencers when it comes to prosperous baby names, which should come as no surprise. Many of these names crop up in popular names from the last 100 years too. And if you're having twins, a set of twin baby names that work smoothly together could make your multiples the next Olsens. Linda  Rosenkrantz of top baby name site Nameberry has shared the names most likely to give you a little millionaire, and we're pretty sure you're going to recognise the thinking behind a few of her top choices. 

Millionaire baby names

Luxury online marketplace HushHush revealed its top 10 millionaire baby names for boys and girls (and they're far from our most popular French names), based on their own internal data and comparing it with The Sunday Times Rich List. So, which names should you choose if you aspire to have a millionaire in the making? And what unpopular names could see your little one dropping down the rich list?

Millionaire baby names for boys

  1. Bill 
  2. William 
  3. Amancio
  4. Warren 
  5. Carlos
  6. Jeff
  7. Elon
  8. Mark
  9. Larry
  10. Lawrence
  11. Michael
  12. Charles
  13. David
  14. Gerald
  15. Roman
  16. Charles
  17. Richard

When it comes to rich girl names, there are some more unique-sounding choices but rest assured, many of them are still inspired by powerful, successful women.

Take a glance at the list below and you might recognise Alice of Alice Walton (the woman behind American healthcare giant Walmart), and Jacqueline of Jacqueline Mars (creator of one of our favourite chocolate bars).

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Millionaire baby names for girls

  1. Laurene
  2. Jacqueline
  3. Liliane
  4. Alice
  5. Christy
  6. Georgina
  7. Salma
  8. Gina
  9. Yelena
  10. Iris
  11. Susanne
  12. Abigail
  13. Muccia

Choosing a millionaire baby name: Expert tips

According to Linda Rosenkrantz from Nameberry, being 'name twins' with some of the most powerful people in the world could help give your tot a head start in life. In the boys' list, Bill after Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) sits in the top spot, with Mark after Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) also making an appearance. 

Linda recognises that some names like Bill and Mark could come across as a little dull, so it's also advisable to pick a name for your child that will stand out and help them make an impression. Apparently, if you want your mini-me to make a lot of dosh, the best rich names to pick are ones with associations of wealth, so while you're choosing something individual-sounding, you should also have money on your mind.

Linda says: 'A more obvious approach would be to use names and words and brands associated with luxury and great wealth – all of which are conceivable baby names.'

That's where these luxurious-sounding names come in handy. There's no doubt your little man will sound flashy with a name like Bentley or Midas. Equally, a little lady named Diamond is sure to sparkle.

Claire, mum of Isobel and Sarah, says, "As a middle-class mum, I wanted to give my girls names that had connotations of success rather than hardship. It pains me to point it out, but employers often discriminate against certain names. While I wish it weren't this way, I understand why parents want names that signal prosperity... Anyway, my hope is that by raising open-minded children, they'll prove names don't dictate destiny. With the right values, any name can represent a millionaire in the making."

Linda Rosenkrantz
Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz is the co-founder of Nameberry, and co-author with Pamela Redmond of the ten baby naming books acknowledged to have revolutionized American baby naming. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed New York Review Books Classics novel Talk and a number of other books.

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Luxurious boys' names

  1. Banks
  2. Bentley
  3. Cash
  4. Chase
  5. Croesus
  6. Forbes
  7. Fortune
  8. Hilton
  9. Kensington
  10. Midas
  11. Prosper
  12. Sterling
  13. Worth
  14. York

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Luxurious girls' names

  1. Belgravia
  2. Diamond
  3. Emerald
  4. Golda
  5. Lira
  6. Mercedes
  7. Pesata
  8. Rica
  9. Silver
  10. Tiffany

Wealthiest surnames

Although most of us aren't going to pick and choose our own surname, it may fascinate you to learn that certain surnames are associated with wealth, too. Investopedia recently revealed the 10 wealthiest families in the world, so if you share a surname with one of these millionaire dynasties, you could be one rung higher on the ladder to success!

  1. Walton
  2. Mars
  3. Koch
  4. Al Saud
  5. Hermès
  6. Ambani
  7. Wertheimer
  8. Cargill, MacMillan
  9. Thomson
  10. Hoffman, Oeri

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