Names of the naughtiest kids have been revealed – is yours on the list?

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  • There are a lot of pressures to deal with when you become a parent.

    But one surprisingly stressful pressure is choosing a baby name for your new little one.

    Not only do you and your other half have to agree on something that you both like (which can be challenging if you’d prefer an unusual baby name while they’d like something more traditional), you also have to pick a name that will suit your child when they grow up because it will be with them for life, it’s not just a name for the next 10 years.

    Plus there are always little jokes and cultural references that can be taken from certain monikers so it always takes some analysing to steer clear of them.

    And now there’s another thing to think about – what your child’s name might say about their behaviour.

    This is because a new study has revealed the names of the naughtiest children in schools.

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    And, while there’s no evidence to suggest that a certain name might lead to better or worse behaviour in a child, the research has picked up on name trends when it comes to behaviour.

    The study by School Stickers looked at behaviour rewards given to children in schools.

    And from the 63,000 pupils examined, researchers worked which names came up the least.

    And the results might surprise you.

    The naughtiest girls’ name was found to be Ella, closely followed by Bethany, Eleanor, Olivia and Laura.

    naughtiest childrens names

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    Just below these names were Holly, Courtney, Amber, Caitlin and Jade.

    And when it came to the boys, some of the cutest names actually turned out to be the naughtiest!

    Innocent-sounding Joseph topped the list, followed by Cameron, William, Jake and Joshua.

    After these names came Jamie, Lewis, Benjamin, Ethan and Luke.

    They might be naughtiest names, but some of them are just too cute to resist!

    So would you change your name choice for fear of your little one turning out to be naughty? Let us know over on our Facebook page.

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