Traditional baby names

Fancy yourself a little Norman or Gertrude? Find out more and get inspiration if you're looking for a unique, yet classic name for your new baby

Looking for a traditional baby name? You're not the only one! Old fashioned names have become some of the most popular baby names in recent years.

There's no doubt about it, 2017 baby name trends are the most unique yet - but funnily enough sometimes going old school can be as trendy as creating something new.

With traditional names on the girls' list like Nora, Beryl, Effie and Adeline it looks like nostalgia is playing a huge part in the choices new parents are making. And not to be outshone by the girls, the boys' list is also made up of some rather old fashioned names too, with Hector topping the chart.

A few years ago we reported that the Historical Names Report has found that some classic baby names such as Norman and Gertrude were facing extinction with parents opting instead for trendier options such as Apple and Moses. But could the tides be turning back again? We think they might just be.

More and more people are looking at what their grandparents and great-grandparents were called for inspiration for different names.

If your relatives all had very normal names, then why not head to your local cemetery or church graveyard - it might sound slightly odd (well, very odd actually) but headstones might provide you with some inspiration.

If you'd rather stay away from the cemetery but are still keen to ensure your child has a name that will stand the test of time, have a little look at our ideas below. We've put together our favourite *slightly* old fashioned names. Because little baby Edna is cute, isn't it?

Boy's names

1. Frank

2. Arnold

3. Leonard

4. Albert

5. Cecil

6. Clifford

7. Cyril

8. Ernest

9. Harold

10. Herbert

11. Len/Leonard

12. Morris

13. Norman

14. Norris

15. Percy

16. Sidney

17. Stanley

18. Vernon

19. Walter

20. Wilfred

Girls' names

1. Ada

2. Adeline

3. Agnes

4. Clara

5. Edna

6. Elsie

7. Estelle

8. Ethel

9. Etta

10. Gertrude

11. Gloria

12. Irene

13. Ivy

14. Mabel

15. Mildred

16. Norah

17. Olive

18. Phyllis

19. Rita

20. Vera

If you've named your baby a traditional name then we'd love to know about it! leave us a comment in the box below.

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